Qualities You Need to Be an Environmental Activist

Posted July 15, 2021 by in Career

Being an environmental activist isn’t easy. You might think that you’re advocating for something everyone can agree on. However, the truth is that there are people who are against taking steps to protect the environment. Some believe that these efforts can lead to job losses. Others don’t even believe in global warming. Therefore, you should possess the right qualities if you’re going to be an environmental activist. 

Below are some of the qualities you should possess if you want to become an activist for the environment:


The first quality you need is sincerity. You can’t ask others to believe in what you’re fighting for if you don’t feel the same. Second, you have to show genuine care for the environment. Start with the best practices at home. Learn to segregate your trash. Teach your children how to recycle. Work with a company that will help recycle aluminum cans and other recyclable materials to reduce the landfill content. 


You will meet people who will question your ideas. They will also argue with you and try to prove you wrong. Unfortunately, others have incorrect information and even believe in conspiracy theories. Arguing with them won’t be easy. You should be tough in facing them and not allow their false narratives to win the day.

You’re also competing with industries that will get affected by what you’re advocating. Prepare for harsh comments on social media and other platforms.

Activism is never for the faint of heart. 


You can’t be an activist alone. You need other people to join you in the fight. You should also win them over and ask them to help pursue your plans. You can only do it if you’re sociable. You must love being around others. You’re also organizing different events along the way. If you dislike activities with dozens of people involved, you can’t be an activist. 


People won’t only consider what you’re fighting for, but they will also look at you. Are you convincing enough? Do you say the right words? They should feel that you know what you’re doing and it’s the right thing to follow your cause. You must be a comprehensive reader too. Changes happen all the time, and you should explain them to those you’re trying to convince.

Otherwise, they will think that you’re only making things up. You will also receive questions, and you should know how to respond to them. 


You can’t expect results to happen overnight. You might even regress along the way since others are advocating against you. Despite that, you shouldn’t give up. Activists are patient since they know changes take time. For every two steps forward, there’s also a step backward. It doesn’t mean you failed. Patience will help you get through the process and wait for results. 

Once you believe you have all these qualities, you should be an activist. It won’t make you wealthy, but it will satisfy your heart. You know that you’re not only doing these things for yourself. You’re also thinking about the future generation. You’re doing the right thing, and you should be proud of yourself.

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*Photos by Vlada Karpovich