Quality Home Projects—What to Consider When Focusing on the Kitchen

Posted March 19, 2021 by in Home

So, you have decided to work with a home builder to create a unique property of your own. All the foundations have been laid and the next step is to decorate the inside of your home. You have decided to start with the kitchen, after all, it is the most important part of the house. Careful planning is required as you will want to create something stylish yet functional.

Here are some crucial points to consider when designing a new kitchen:

Southwestern rug in modern kitchen.


You have been through the process of constructing a new property with experts in Cairns Quality new build homes and you have reached the stage where it is time to focus on the interior of the build. You must sit down with the designer and talk about colour schemes, kitchen cabinets, and more. 

This stage of the build is the fun part, you get to design your home with some help from the professionals. When working on your kitchen, the first thing you should consider is space. There should be no wasted areas, so focus on functionality. Make it simple by storing items where you typically use them. 

Floor Plan

Many homeowners make the mistake of not focusing on the layout of the kitchen and leaving not little space between the cabinets and the island. In most households, there is generally more than one chef in the kitchen at a time, so make sure your account for this when mapping out the floor plan with your designer. 

Traffic Flow

The kitchen is always a top priority in any home and most of the time the first home improvement project to be considered involves the kitchen. To ensure your kitchen is user-friendly and also kid-friendly, it is best to layout a design that allows traffic to flow directly through it. 

It is important to remember to keep the cooktop out of the traffic area, so kids don’t catch handles or cause spills when they venture through. Another point to remember is the location of the fridge – make sure it is accessible to the chef and visitors. 

Don’t Overlook Cabinet & Appliance Corners

When designing a kitchen, it is essential to think about corners. If you have kids in the home, they could easily hurt themselves if the kitchen is poorly designed. To ensure safety, plan space for the doors clearance and consider swing direction. Doors should not swing outwards into walkways and sharp edges should be facing inwards. 

Focal Point 

A great kitchen design always has one focal point with which it captivates its audience. When working with your home designer, choose a feature of your kitchen that is going to stand out and

make a bold statement. Think about bright kitchen cabinets or patterned countertops to draw attention to your new design.

To ensure your kitchen creation is a success, you must have a plan when you sit down with your designer. There is no point in winging it as things will not turn out the way you like. Do some research and listen to their opinion on certain aspects of the design.

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