Questions About Warranty You Must Not Forget To Ask While Moving

Posted December 7, 2021 by in Lifestyle

When moving in a new home, one of the things you have to make sure is achieved is warranty for your belongings as they are moved from one point to the other. Even if you are working with one of the most popular and trusted movers, you have to make sure that warranty is still in place as no one knows what will happen during transit. Even how careful their driver is, even how good their employees are, there is still a chance that unfortunate and unexpected event occurs.

To make sure that you will get compensation in the event that unforeseen circumstances occur, getting a competent warranty is a must. But of course, you have to make sure that the warranty included on the moving service you will get is good enough to cover any issues that may happen during the time your belongings are being moved.

One of the things you can do to make sure that the warranty you will receive is exactly what you need it for, make sure to ask questions. The more questions you ask about warranty, the higher the chance you can avoid disappointments in time you need to claim it.   

Some of the questions to ask are:


What all are included in their warranty? Will they pay the entire value of the item that was broken, or they will only cover partial amount? Are damages from natural calamities included or not? 

You have to know all the inclusions so you won’t get disappointed in the event that you are claiming a warranty you thought is part of the warranty agreement. 


What all are excluded on the warranty agreement? Sure, you want to set your expectations when claiming for a warranty. It is expected that there are exclusions on the warranty the moving company will cover, hence it is best if you know these exclusions before you sign an agreement with them. 

Possible Disqualifications

What are the possible reasons you will be disqualified from filing for a warranty? This you also have to know to avoid them. If the packages should be opened by their employees to avoid disqualifications, then let them do it. There are some instances when a client is not eligible for claiming for a warranty because they did a very simple mistake that can be avoided. 

Tips To Ensure Warranty Will Provide You Satisfactory Results

Apart from asking questions, there are other ways you can do ensuring that you won’t get disappointed with the warranty you will get from a moving company. To let you know some of the things you can do, read below:

Declare the Right Value of All Your Belongings

There are some who declare a lower value of their belongings to avoid paying extra on the warranty. If you undervalue your belongings, do not expect that you will get the right compensation in the event that something goes wrong during the moving company’s service. 

The extra amount you will pay the moving company is just more than enough to give you peace of mind while your precious and valuable belongings are being moved. 

Request For a Written Agreement on Warranty

Do not be content with a verbal agreement, you have to make sure that everything is in writing, including the list of items you will ask them to move. Requesting for a written warranty or agreement is necessary if you want to have a strong proof in the event that the moving company denies to consider your claim.

And besides, to any transactions you will make, a written agreement is necessary, hence asking for it for your warranty should not be as hard at all. 

*Photos by Ketut Subiyanto