Quick Guidelines for a Seamless Beach Wedding

Posted January 17, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Do you want to have a beach wedding or a destination wedding? Beach weddings are stunning, especially if you are planning on getting married on a tropical beach somewhere in Mexico or the Caribbean. Below are a few suggestions to ensure a lovely and stress free wedding day: 

Take Care of the Guests

The sooner you notify your guest of your beach wedding, the better. Especially if you will be having a destination wedding. They will need to make a lot of arrangements, if they will be needing a passport to attend. If you’re having a beach wedding close to home, you still need to keep your guests in the loop. You can do this through a personalized wedding website, social media, or face-to-face. Just make sure you take care of the following things:

Feet: If you are having a beach wedding, then offer a Shoe Valet. It lets your guests trade their shoes for sandals or flip-flops. Also, offer a de-sanding station for them to wipe off the sand after the ceremony.  

Eyes: Beach Weddings usually take place on a sunny day, which can be blinding for some people. So, let everyone know they better bring sunglasses, hats or whatever protection from the sun they can think of. 

Weather: Remind your guests they should bring appropriate wraps, it will help them if the weather becomes cold. So, let them know they should have sweaters, shawls, sweatshirts, or blankets on hand. If the weather is warm, then offer cool drinks, paper towels, paper fans and accommodate your guests the best you can.

The Dress Code

Every wedding tends to have a dress code, and everyone has to oblige to this code. Even the bride, she has to select from the beach wedding dresses to accommodate the laid back beach theme. Beach weddings are not the venue of formal wear. You have to go according to the coastal mood with light fabrics including sheer silks and chiffons. These things have a nice fluid movement while looking too dressy.

If you have a platform set up, then you have to use stain pumps. Otherwise, you are better off with sandals. Some brides even choose to go barefoot! 

Don’t stress on makeup, be free-spirited. Just mind the breeze because it will stick your hair strands in your teeth or lip gloss. Select a wedding style that doesn’t have hair in your face, loosely arrange your hair, and you will be fine.


You have to consult with a wedding checklist; it will guide you along the way. Speak with the venue coordinator to get a good start on this. If needed, hire a wedding planner who specializes in beach weddings, it will save you time and maybe even money in the long run. Here’s are some details to consider to get your checklist started: 

  • Crashing surfs help create an atmosphere, but they are noisy, so make sure you have a microphone for your officiant.
  • Be careful about the seating arrangement and wedding dresses; you don’t want anything ruined in the sand
  • If the setting is picturesque, you won’t have to spend much on décor. Get an Arch to make a pretty focal point. You can easily rent one, but your venue coordinator should be able to guide you here. 
  • Don’t forget, most beach sites are public. For privacy, you will need to book your wedding at a venue that offers a private beach. 

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