Quick Ways to Declutter Your Kitchen

Posted May 26, 2022 by in Home
mismatched plates and bowls on a shelf

Undoubtedly, your kitchen is the heart of the home. It is one of the places where family members gather frequently. Be it the small talks, cooking meals, sharing stories, or simply eating, the kitchen acts as the center stage. 

However, this is why this room, compared to other rooms in the home, is the most cluttered. Whether you agree with us or not, this clutter is affecting you in several unimaginable ways. It could be feeling stressed, anxious, overeating, or making impulsive purchases. 

What can I do about it? Well, a lot! Keep in mind that decluttering the kitchen can happen sneakily, smaller tasks at a time. In persuasion, read on to know the quickest and most efficient ways to declutter your kitchen:

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7 quick tips to declutter your kitchen

Use hooks 

Often decluttering is thought of as throwing things out of your house, but additionally, it means organizing things you wish to hold on to. So, how about using the hooks? Adhesive hooks can be easily placed on the kitchen walls or the interior of kitchen doors. You might use these hooks for hanging aprons, rags, or even bottle brushes. 

These are the quickest and smartest way to get things in order and free up valuable space without simply getting rid of them.

Get rid of certain items

Take a walk around your kitchen and decide on some items you can get rid of. Take along a trash bag to collect such items. Remember to start small with just a few things on the first day and gradually go up. 

Often, certain items leave tough stains on the kitchen floor. You can get an effective and chemical-free cleaner to fight this problem from an online one stop cleaning supplies store.

Keep a donation bin

In addition to simply getting rid of certain items, you may always plan to donate them. All you need to do is keep a donation bag, box, or bin under the closet. So, you can always put up the items you no longer need into that donation box. 

For instance, the spatula, yes! The one you have never used, put it in the donation bin. Once the box is full, be generous to donate it. Afterward, you should repeat the entire process. 

Clear off the fridge 

The random menus you can easily get online, magnets from your local pizza joint, or the masterpieces from your art class that can be photographed and filmed make your kitchen look cluttered. 

So, first, clear-off everything from the fridge that you don’t look at regularly or don’t need as a reference anymore.

Use shelf risers

Different styles of dishes stacked on top of each other only look cluttered. All you need to use are the shelf risers. They are the quickest way to separate a cluttered and stacked dish and make them go instantly in order.

Multitasking with pans and pots 

You often require few pots and pans than you think. It even depends upon how elaborately you cook different styles or how many people you are cooking. 

For instance, while a smaller pot might be easier to wash, a medium pot can do the same cooking, even more for you. Similarly, it is true for pans. 

Therefore, don’t go for several pots and pans of varying sizes. Instead, choose a few in medium and larger sizes. These are much versatile and sufficient to meet your different cooking requirements.

Limit bulkier items in your kitchen 

Most of the items in the kitchen are bulky and just for decorative purposes, whereas a kitchen demands more practical gadgets. For example, though it looks great in any kitchen, a huge cookie jar eats up the precious space on the counter. 

However, we don’t mean to stop you from doing any fun in your kitchen. Think about attractive pot holders or the modern art on the kitchen wall; such things are ideal for decorating a kitchen without compromising the available space. 

Most families spend major time in or around the kitchen. It is the sole reason that the kitchen is often cluttered compared to other rooms in the home. So, it requires constant upkeep and cleaning. 

Use the above quickest and most effective ways to de-clutter your kitchen instantly. After all, a clean and organized kitchen doesn’t just feel right but also makes food preparation easier.