Rainy Day Activities To Do With Children

Posted February 16, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Keeping little ones or even teenagers entertained can be challenging at any time, especially if you are trying to work from home or simply get some housework done, and what about if it is raining and they cannot go outside and let some steam off, then what do you do? Well, you start by pretty much going back to basics.

Have Fun

Everyone is guilty of it, but nobody ever admits to it, and this is that they are too busy doing something other than having fun with their children. Children are only young and little once, so take some time out from what you are doing and have some fun. You never get that time back, so enjoy it while you can. Do what your children want, whether this is coloring, building a den, or having a tea-party. It might even be something as simple as watching a DVD together.

Have Downtime

A good film will slow your children down, remember not to forget the snacks as they make the experience even better. Get your kids set up and snug to watch a film that you know they love watching. If films are not really their thing, then what about age-appropriate TV series? If, on the other hand, you want some screen-free time, then why not step back in time and play a board game. Board games are great to while away the hours, and they can be fun too.

Plan a Vacation

Most children love to go on a vacation, so while it is pouring with rain outside, why not get started on planning that Maui family resorts vacation that you have wanted to go on for as long as you remember. Get your children to draw pictures of where they want to go and what they want to see.

Planning something out such as a vacation will allow you to let your child be creative, and to allow them to feel involved.

Have a Treasure Hunt

Whether they are looking for lost Duplo pieces or a chocolate bar, children love treasure hunts. Make a map together and allow them to use their imaginations to conjure up where those pesky pirates have hidden that valuable treasure.

If your children are too old to be hunting for gold coins, then hide the Wi-Fi password/code; they might enjoy that treasure hunt a bit more!

Get Reading

Read a book to your child while the rain comes down, or if they are a bit older, insist that they put all screens down and read a book. Encouraging children to read even if for only 10 minutes a day will help expand both their horizons and vocabulary.


Traditional and maybe old fashioned, but they are easy and enjoyable to do while sat inside sheltering away from the rain. From simple 100 piece jigsaws to 1000 piece complex jigsaws, you and your children could bond over putting together a jigsaw. Physical jigsaws are also great for your kid’s hand and eye co-ordination.

We hope these tips help entertain you and your kids on the next rainy day!

*Photos by Ketut Subiyanto