Ready For A Closet Upgrade? Start Here

Posted November 12, 2020 by in Fashion

What you wear tends to influence how you feel about yourself and what others perceive about you. Everyone likes to come out of their homes looking their best for various occasions, but clothes come at a cost. In fact, the average individual spends about $161 on clothes every month. In addition to what is spent on underwear, accessories, and also shoes, that will be a lot of money.

Are you thinking of how to update your wardrobe without spending too much? If yes, here are a few smart tips for you:

Clear Your Wardrobe

Sifting through your wardrobe is one of the first things to do. Bring out all the clothing in your closet and clean the wardrobe itself if you have to. Next, look through your clothes, including your underwear, to find the things you no longer need and set them aside. Go through the stuff you no longer wear to find what you will discard and what you want to give to your friends, siblings, or charity.

You may also discover things you can tweak into a new style, such as your jeans and t-shirts. If you have some DIY tricks up your sleeves, you can cut or dye those pieces into a unique style. You will have to control the urge to keep clothes you are emotionally attached to because you can’t wear them forever, and hoarding them would only create clutter in your wardrobe.

Put Your Clothes Up for Sale

Another thing you can do is to sell your clothes online. There will be exceptional cases where you may have perfect looking clothes or items you may have worn once or twice. You can launder such clothes, iron them, take good pictures that accentuate their beauty, and put them up for sale online.

You could also model the clothes or have someone else model them in the photos you take. It may surprise you how many orders you will get both nationally and internationally, so be prepared, as you could be required to ship items abroad to foreign buyers.

You can as well opt to sell them to your friends or indulge in a swap with them. The money you earn can add to the budget you will make to buy new items.

Make a List of Clothes You Need

Look at the things you have left after you have sorted out the clothes in your wardrobe and write down what you need. Start with undergarments, such as cheekies and bras. There are benefits you gain from making a shopping list before you start purchases.

Be specific on what you need to add and the number you want to buy based on the budget you have set for it. More of the time, when you shop without a list, you may end up overspending.

For example, when you find a particular shirt with a design you love, you may have the urge to buy them in different colors. If you would like to add graphic tees in your wardrobe, make sure to only buy the quantity that are within your budget. 

Do Your Shopping By Yourself

There is a trend where people get a wardrobe stylist’s services to do their shopping for them.  If you are looking at spending less on shopping for new clothes, you should do the onsite or online shopping yourself because hiring a wardrobe stylist will be an added cost.

Search online for shops that offer coupons and discounts on their products and target them. Also, ensure you check the price range of shops before you go there to buy. It is best to go with cash to do the buying instead of your card. Having the exact amount you budgeted on in hand should help you avoid overspending.

Additionally, try not to buy items you can only wear once, and instead invest in versatile items you can wear several times on different occasions. 

Have you ever did a Marie Kondo style overhaul on your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!