Reasons Why There Is a Sudden Rise in On-Demand Fitness Programs—especially Pilates!

Posted January 21, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
Woman doing on-demand pilates in living room

The on-demand fitness programs have seen a sudden spike because people spend most of their time at home. Moreover, people are getting tilted towards the fitness schedule because of the pandemic. It has made them join many online fitness programs and subscribe to fitness apps. The spending on ‘on-demand fitness’ has jumped to almost 59% compared to the traditional gyms in the past few years.  

It provides versatile programs, including Pilates ruling the fitness market nowadays. People are getting customized plans and even personalized trainers for the same. The fitness freaks in the UK region can get the fitness classes Fulham from experienced trainers. Still, you have to be very particular in spotting the right trainer for your exercising needs and requirements.

Woman Working Out With an On-Demand Fitness Program on laptop in Living Room

Top Reasons People Opt for On-Demand Fitness Programs

  1. Easy and Convenient Workout: The on-demand fitness classes have personalized trainers. The exercises are picked according to the physical needs of a particular person. If you want to balance your flexibility and movement, you can book Pilates classes. Moreover, you can do the exercises from the convenience of your home.
  2. Availability of Varied Affordable Programs: Many fitness trainers stream the live exercises. Interested ones can opt for the affordable programs started by many fitness instructors to reach out to the maximum audience in one go.
  3. Delivery System of Fitness Plans Has Evolved: The COVID-19 pandemic made many gyms and other fitness facilities close down to curb the menace of spreading the virus. It gave a chance to many fitness professionals to take the fitness programs right at the customer’s doorstep. By downloading the fitness apps or connecting with certified trainers, people can train themselves with minimal equipment at home.
  4. Encouragement and Motivation: At traditional gyms, people walk in, do the exercises, and walk out. Sometimes people skip going to the gym. But, the on-demand fitness programs have small groups with a trainer motivating and encouraging the class to perform well. Even personalized messages and sharing of clients’ progress on social media platform motivates many people to do better.

Why are People Picking Pilates?

We all know being fit is the need of an hour. Whether you burn out those pesky calories at the gym or home, the body needs balance and energy to keep you moving. With many fitness programs making to the list like HIIT, Strength exercises, and much more, Pilates has also made to the list. More people are opting for it because of versatile reasons like:

  • Pilates focuses on full-body fitness, including your core, upper and lower body, and flexibility.
  • It safely increases the stretching and lengthening of the muscles.
  • You will never experience back pain if you keep on doing Pilates.
  • Pilates improves cardiorespiratory capacity and helps with proper blood circulation, oxygen flow, and good hormones.
  • It helps build lean, long, and toned muscles that help strengthen the weaker muscles, and stronger muscles get a break to work systematically.
Sportive woman doing Floor Pilates

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