Red, White & Blue Hair Chalking Tutorial for Memorial Day

Posted May 21, 2013 by in Beauty

In case you’re from the US, you’re bound to know that Memorial Day is fast approaching, and chalking your hair with red, white and blue is a great way to show off your patriotism while trying out the edgy new trend. Don’t worry — it’s not permanent!

Of course, this tutorial works for anyone at all, no matter where you’re from. So if you’re not feeling festive or simply want bright purple streaks in your hair instead, this tutorial is still definitely for you. Note: For our tutorial we used brunette hair, but blonde hair certainly works just as well.

Happy Chalking!

What You’ll Need

  • Water Bottle
  • Gloves
  • Soft Pastels
  • Flat Iron
  • Blow Dryer
  • Combs
  • Clips

1. Section off the hair you want chalked

  • Section out a triangle shape under your layers to create a peek-a-boo look. Divide the the triangle section into three parts for the red, white and blue.

2. Spray section with water

  • Spray the first section with water until it’s slightly damp.

3. Saturate wet hair with pastel

  • Make sure the hair strand is fully saturated with pastel pigment.

4. Blow dry hair piece

  • Once you finish saturating the hair strand with pigment, blow dry it.

5. Flat iron hair strand

  • Once hair strand is 80% dry, take your flat iron and go over the hair three times to set in the color.

6. Pin finished section

  • Once you finish the red, pin it out of your way so you can prepare for the white.

7. Follow Steps 2-6 with the white and blue

  • Wet, saturate with pigment, blow dry and flat iron the white and blue section.

Finished Product

  • This is the finished product on our wonderful model, Lu.

Have you tried hair chalking yet? Let us know about your experience in the comments below!