Refresh Your Hair with One of These Dry Shampoos

Posted March 3, 2014 by in Beauty

Dry Shampoo — the hair product of hair products. You can use it to add volume or texture to your hairstyle, or for its intended use; to absorb oil to keep your hair looking fresh and clean. Either way, it’s a bathroom and purse necessity.

If you haven’t used dry shampoo yet, you’re truly missing out. Below are some new favorites that you just HAVE to try!


1. Batiste

Batiste is a dry shampoo brand from the UK and it’s a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I’m obsessed with their new cherry scented spray.



I also find this dry shampoo to be heavy duty; it’s perfect for post-gym hair and those with extra oily hair. It sprays out extremely white, but works fine with dark hair.

2. Amika

Less powerful than Batiste, Amika is perfect for preventing oil on clean hair and for use as a texturizer and volumizer. It smells great, and is free of aluminum and talc.



3. Not Your Mother’s

I’m not a fan of the smell, but it definitely works! At only $6 a can, I really can’t complain.



4. Rusk

The Invisible Dry Shampoo from Rusk is unfortunately the worst of the lot. It won’t texturize or volumize your hair, and it doesn’t go on invisible like it says it does — such a bummer, since I usually love Rusk products. It also leaves an unattractive residue on dark hair. Kind of worse than the oil, if you ask me.



Here’s why it made the list: It’s great for blonds with seriously damaged hair, because this dry shampoo contains ChromAveil, a UV protection technology that helps maintain chemically-colored hair. If brushing or massaging dry shampoo from your hair furthers your damage, this is the way to go; you can gently pat the product out.

5. Dove

Dove’s dry shampoo is currently my favorite budget option. It smells great and works extremely well. For some reason, this dry shampoo is difficult to find in stores. If you see it, stock up.



6. Eva NYC

The dry shampoo from Eva NYC smells like heaven! It’s so fragrant that you could even skip your usual perfume or body spray. It also absorbs oil extremely well!



 What’s your favorite dry shampoo? Let us know in the comments below!