Renovating Your Bathroom? Consider These 7 Handy Tips

Posted January 20, 2021 by in Decor

Home renovation is the process of revamping your home to cater to the ever changing needs of you and your family. All the places, appliances and decorating objects in your home will eventually break from lots of use or become outdated. That means that throughout your life, your home will need some repairing and renovation. And it is necessary too! As it will enhance your space and potentially add value to your home if you plan on selling it down the road.

Even things in your home that still work may need to be replaced if you’re looking to upgrade the luxuriousness of your home. But what about the cost?

Home renovation does not demand investing a considerable amount of money but deep thought, keen research and above all, a decorating spirit. If you possess an urge to give an appealing and classic touch to your residence, now is the time since we’re all home more than ever due to the pandemic. Our home offers innumerable opportunities to reflect our talents and personal style. Also, it is a known reality that we don’t hesitate to buy expensive and stylish area rugs to revamp our living area or bedroom but what about the renovation of the bathroom?

The bathroom is a very important part of the home. Like the kitchen, the bathroom is used many times a day by all the members of your family as well as any guests. If you are starting the process of renovation your bathroom, here are some tips to get you started:

Airy and Spacious

Renovate your bathroom by finding ways to make it my airy and spacious.  Normally, the doors of bathrooms are kept closed to avoid any bad smell in the home. You can avoid such a bad smell by installing an electric exhaust fan. It will filter the inside air and add outside air in the bathroom.

A small window can also be erected in the bathroom near the washbasin. It will let in fresh air thus keeping the internal bathroom atmosphere fresh and cool.


Natural light is a good option for your bathroom environment. But what about the night? Electric lights are a must for night usage of the bathroom. A proper sized ventilator also brings in fresh air and light. But again in the night, light is not achieved until using an electric system.

We use the bathroom all alone, even our kids, so dim light can prove fearful for your children. Make sure bright white light here, it will have a good impact on every individual.

Wooden Cabinets

Erecting wooden cabinets in the bathroom wall is a contemporary approach. Today’s washrooms are all luxurious and people dress up in the bathroom these days. Wooden cupboards would give a modern touch to your bathroom. The presence of cupboards would also add a facility for keeping towels, tissue, papers, put off clothes and the cleaning agents.

You can paint your bathroom cabinets with the same pigment as was used for the walls. It will enhance the charm and attraction of this area. To renovate your bathroom, don’t ignore the handles and knobs of the cupboards. For the hardware, consider going with gold handles instead of silver to add a luxe vibe.

Bathroom Rugs

One of the most important bathroom renovation tips is to make sure you have non-slippery flooring. While all bathroom flooring needs to be waterproof, the equals slippery! Since you can’t avoid the use of ceramic, marble, or grenade tiles due to the humid environment, that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make it less slippery to ensure the safety of all family members.

To prevent falls and slips, it is best to utilize bathroom rugs. These rugs are specially designed to absorb moisture and award a firm grip to our feet. In cold weather, when the bare and moist floor gives a chilling effect, these rugs protect our feet from cold.

Wall Paint

Repainting your bathroom wall and ceilings can have a luxurious impact. Going with white is never a bad idea since white will make your bathroom appear more spacious and airy. If you love color, add vibrancy via bathroom accessories—and utilize colorful paint in the other rooms of your home.

Upgrade You Mirror

All individuals in the home take showers and dress up in the bathroom, so a bathroom renovation wouldn’t be complete without a good mirror. While you can just get a simple mirror for your a bathroom, a mirror with a grand boarder may be what is needed if you want the “wow” factor.

Indoor Plants

You may not have thought of putting plants in your bathroom, but it’s a great idea! The greenery will create a beautiful contrast against the white walls and bold mirror and their fragrance will dominate the atmosphere and absorb any bad smells.

You just have to make sure you’re putting the right plants in the bathroom. Tropical plants will thrive very well in a bathroom while cacti and succulents will struggle in the humid environment.

Low Budget—Utilize Bathroom Rugs and Other Accessories

If you have gone through this whole post, you are most likely very serious about renovating your bathroom. If your budget is low, one of the most affordable ways you can renovate your bathroom is by repainting it white and purchasing some new accessories—such as a shower curtain, towels, and a new bathroom rug. These accessories have the ability to make your outdated bathroom look new again. Add so white paint? The room with be unrecognizable in a good way.

If you’re looking to buy a new bathroom rug but don’t want a basic one that others have, shop for one from RugKnots . RugKnots has beautiful rugs designed especially for the bathroom at a very reasonable price.

Will you be renovating your bathroom in 2021? Let us know in the comments below!