Repair and Revive Your Damaged Hair With These Tips

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There is no better time than spring to start experimenting with your hair. With hats, berets, and beanies being tucked away, nothing can stop you from finally doing all the crazy and fun things you have long wanted to try. How about going for those cute French braids? Or, perhaps, you would like to give your hair a bit of vintage vibe and color it rose gold? We also hear that daring pixie cuts are rocking this year!

Be careful, though, as, with the freedom to express yourself through your beautiful locks, there comes responsibility. Rough shampooing, failing to protect dry hair during heat styling, or overusing chemical treatments can make it brittle, frizzy, and broken.

To prevent such unfortunate events or help repair your already damaged strands, here are some easy-to-follow hair care tips, the courtesy of the recognized industry professionals:

how to repair dry, damaged hair.

3 Best Hair Care and Repair Tips in 2021

The recommendations outlaid below should be able to help with the following hair issues:

  • damaged split ends
  • excessive hair breakage
  • frizz and flyaways
  • patches of short, broken hair
  • hair tangling

Now that we know what enemy we are about to fight let us see what weapons we have in our arsenal. Here are some of the best practices to incorporate into your daily hair care routine:

  1. Turn down the temperature of your styling tools.

Hot curlers, flat irons, and blow dryers are magic tools that allow quickly transforming our ordinary hair into fanciful curls, glossy strands, and voluminous waves. However, they are also the number one reason for massive hair damage.

Always set your hot hair styling tools to the lowest effective temperature, do not ignore heat protectants, and try to skip heat styling altogether when possible.

  1. Go easy on the wet hair.

Wet hair is most susceptible to damage, particularly when it is fine or weakened. So, the biggest no-no’s for handling wet hair include:

  • No pulling a brush through wet, tangled hair.
  • No rough rubbing your hair to help it dry faster.
  • No fixing your wet hair in place with an elastic.

Stop doing these nasty things to your freshly-washed strands, and you’ll be amazed to see how much more manageable and healthy your hair becomes.

  1. Pamper your hair with healing masks.

Applying reparative masks to your damaged hair is a great way to revitalize and moisturize it. Rich in oils, vitamins, and natural elements, their formulas are made to penetrate your hair deeper than regular conditioners and continue working even after you rinse your hair.

We also recommend giving leave-in treatments a chance. These products offer extra moisturization to your damaged hair, help protect it from harmful UV, facilitate detangling, and reduce frizz.

Care for it Like a Pro

Use the above tricks, enrich your diet with omega-3’s and antioxidants, plus make sure to give your split ends a regular trim, and your beautiful locks will thank you in plenty.

Woman with long auburn hair wearing a white towel and brushing her hair in a bathroom.

How do you handle damaged hair? Share some of your top beauty secrets in the comments!

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