Residential Design Tips to Enhance Your Atlanta Home’s Curb Appeal

Posted June 8, 2023 by in Lifestyle
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Are you one of those people who feel their hearts race with joy whenever they see a beautifully designed home? A house that just screams ‘classy’ and ‘elegant.’ If yes, then you know how important curb appeal is. Curb appeal isn’t just about your home’s exterior looks; it encompasses everything about the outside of your house- from its roof to its walls, windows to doors. And it all starts with having a well-thought-out design, which you can get by contacting a residential designer in Atlanta.

But wait! Before you give the residential designer a call, take some time out and check out these residential design tips that will help enhance your Atlanta Home’s curb appeal:

couple fixing home

What Can You Do to Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior?

1. Address Any Repairs

Whether significant or minor, maintain any outdoor repairs before moving on to designing parts. That means fixing broken tiles, patching pavement cracks, repairing external lights, and ensuring all appliances are working correctly, like the gate motors.

2. Painting the House’s Exterior

Painting the exterior of your house may be something overlooked. Still, it can make an impactful difference in increasing curb value since, when done right, this paint completed correctly simply showcases beauty. Carefully selecting colors that complement each other and seeking advice from other professionals can ensure cohesion between elements, such as color-matching garage door tints or garden accents color, for example. You don’t have to go with classic polarizing colors, either. What matters is creating a unique aesthetic experience while still being tasteful.

3. Landscape It to Look Inviting

When working on landscaping, always remember some essential tips like not overwhelming areas but emphasizing them, e.g., the front entrance having floral décor, using flower plants, and with overall spacing architecture, maintaining theme consistent throughout. Thinking creatively also means planting plants appropriately spaced along walkways making entrances grandiose with hedges and shrubbery complimenting flower arrangements, or even using out-of-the-norm ideas like topiaries. You should also keep your lawn well-manicured to add to its attraction.

4. Lighting Design 

Create a perfect ambiance for your home by using lighting. The house should have ample natural light that allows you to control daylight yet provide enough privacy. Also, consider some ambient lighting outside with smart automatic motion sensors, meaning lights are turned on or off. That way, you won’t worry about high energy consumption, and the safety benefits are simply a bonus, staying consistent with your theme of design choices and consistently enhancing passages, landscaping, or even adding emphasis where necessary.

5. Upgrade Your Door

The entrance of a house marks one’s first impressions; it makes sense that paying attention to the type of entrances used is just as important as every other detail. A unique, stylish door will give rise to curb appeal. Since there is no such thing as too much creativity, mixing up wood doors with glass can create beautiful designs. You could opt for arched doors in different styles or metallic hardware with unique designs. Try considering what message each entry delivers; quiet luxury and opulence. Eco-friendly minimalism? Or both?

In hindsight creating striking curb appeal requires some creative outlook. These ideas are intertwined with minute details, demanding attention from experienced professionals like residential designers in Atlanta. So creating a custom experience highlighting these tips ensures each perspective element will work together cohesively. So when making these design tips work their magic, always remember it’s better if you love it instead of pursuing what others might think looks good because your home defines you, so make sure people can see it starting right outside the door, safety looking great while staying attractive by laws enforced by best Atlanta residential designer available.