Revamp Your Apartment This Fall with These Chic Decor Items

Posted September 20, 2019 by in Home
Revamp Your Apartment This Fall with These Chic Decor Items

The temps are slowly but surly dropping and the air is crisp, and according to the calendar, the first day of Fall is tomorrow. While I love autumn, it always makes me sad to have to say goodbye to summer; especially officially. All of you pumpkin sluts (#sorrynotsorry) have been wishing summer away with your pumpkin spice latte love all month love, but me? I have been holding onto the last bit of summer air, but I now must join you *sigh*

If you read my recent broke fashion post, you may know that I recently went shopping here in Örebro, Sweden. Mainly to purchase some items that were more cold-weather friendly, and shopping for a new season tends to make me more excited for the change, but is there a way for a hardcore summer girl to get even more excited for fall? Yes there is!

I’m pretty stoked about my new autumn wardrobe, but a cozy home also gets my excited. If you want to get even more excited for the change of seasons, consider revamping your apartment with some new decor. I’m not talking new furniture, just a few accessories that can transform your abode in a big way.

Shop these fall-friendly decor items below:

As you can see, revamping your space for fall doesn’t have to cost a fortune. None of the items above are more than $60. Simply replacing your silver shower curtain hooks with gold ones and and getting a new bathmat can do wonders for your space.