Review—Naked Nutrition’s Naked Fire Shot

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I used to consume energy drinks on a regular basis back in my early-20’s. Between being a full-time student and juggling two jobs, I always had somewhere to be. That also meant sleep was hard to come by. During that time, I consumed a Red Bull, a 5-Hour Energy Shot, or a Monster at least once a day. To make my caffeine consumption even more dramatic, I also had 1-3 cups of coffee. Not good!

After four years of consuming unhealthy levels of caffeine, my body started to retaliate. I started feeling very jittery and light headed whenever I consumed an energy drink, so I stopped. It was definitely for the best, not only did I not need to consume high levels of caffeine anymore, but those drinks are just a bunch of unhealthy chemicals. Coffee was more than enough…

Fast-forward to today and I’m still a regular coffee drinker, but by mid-day, I usually need another caffeinated pick-me-up—especially if I plan on working out on my Peloton later in the day. The motivation just hasn’t been there lately, ya’ll! However, iced coffee tends to be a little too harsh on my stomach if I drink it later in the day—so I’ve been open to other caffeine options, such as matcha, iced tea, and the Naked Fire Shot from Naked Nutrition—an all-natural energy shot. I’ll either drink 1/2 of it from the bottle if I need a quick energy boost to get through a workout, or I’ll add a splash of it to a pre-workout smoothie (check out my recipe).

Here’s my full review of Naked Nutrition’s Naked Fire Shot:

LA blogger Amanda Raye Scozzafava sitting on a bleacher holding Naked Nutrition's Naked Fire Shot for photoshoot in Pasadena park

Review—Naked Nutrition’s Naked Fire Shot

First Impression

I was very skeptical at first due to my past bad experiences with energy drinks—but times have changed, and I’m aware that there are more natural options out there nowadays. Here are the ingredients:

Naked Nutrition's ingredient list for the Naked Fire Shot

I can actually pronounce every single thing in the Naked Fire Shot. That is not the case for the leading energy drinks and energy shots out there.

Naked Fire Shot ingredients laid out on brown table

Naked Nutrition’s Claims

According to Naked Nutrition:

A daily shot of cleansing wellness. Energize your mind and body with premium ingredients for improved immune function, digestion, and cognitive function.* Detox every day with these superfood ingredients: raw apple cider vinegar, ginger root extract, and organic cayenne pepper.

Caffeine from green coffee beans provides a steady boost in energy, alertness, and focus without the jitters or crash afterward. Organic Panax ginseng and organic ashwagandha are added for improved short-term memory, and more clarity and calmness when stressed.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

First Impression

Taste: To me it tastes like spicy prune juice. A relief since I really don’t like the taste of apple cider vinegar (I’m sorry! I know it’s good for our bodies!)

If you like spicy drinks and you like prune juice, you’re going to like this energy shot. If you do not like prune juice, you’ll likely not be a fan.

Results: I have yet to consume an entire bottle at once. The first time I had one, I consumed half. I drank it at about 2pm and I started to feel more energized about 30 minutes later. It gave me motivation to workout (which was the goal), so I picked a 30-minute Peloton class (with Cody, duh) and got lost in the music. I pushed myself a bit more than usual—in a good way. After I was done, I stretched and I was able to carry on with my day. I felt normal—no racing heartbeat, no jittery hands, and no caffeine induced anxiety.

When it was finally time to go to bed, I had no issue falling asleep.

Blogger Amanda Raye Scozzafava holding the Naked Fire Shot by Naked Nutrition and a black yoga mat in a park

Final Thoughts

The Naked Fire Shot has been the first energy shot I have consumed in years. Due to it containing real ingredients vs. chemicals, I’ll likely drink it again, however not in the way they intended…

During my mid-day slump (3pm, I’m talking about you), not only am I fatigued, but I’m usually a bit hungry as well. With dinner time still a few hours away, I need a snack that won’t affect my 5pm workout. To combat this, I usually make myself a smoothie. They are light and don’t weigh me down during intense workout sessions. On the days I need an extra boost of energy to motivate me to workout, and to make dinner, I’ve been adding a splash of the Naked Fire Shot to my smoothies. By adding some of the energy shot, I’m able to consume a pre-workout smoothie that fills me up and gives me enough energy to get through the rest of my day.

Pre-workout smoothie recipe
Check out my recipe here

I don’t think I’ll regularly purchase the Naked Fire Shots, but I do find them handy when starting a new fitness regime and when I have a late night DJ set.

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*Naked Nutrition provided their product for review, but as always, opinions are my own.