Review: Northport Naturals, an Organic Skincare Line That Won’t Break the Bank

Posted June 21, 2017 by in Beauty

If you have been reading Broke & Chic for any substantial amount of time, you may already know I’m a skincare nut. I personally think a skincare regimen suited for your skin type is extremely important if you like having clear glow-y skin. And who doesn’t want that? Due to my skincare obsession, I have experimented with a lot of products — from popular drugstore brands, to fancy lines only found in spas. Over time, I found the more natural, the better. I cringe when I read the ingredient list on the back of most affordable products marketed to us millennials.

Thankfully for me, I was introduced to Northport Naturals at the perfect time. Northport Naturals is a new brand from Northern Michigan. Their products are made locally in small batches and everything they sell is vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, you’ll have heard of everything on the ingredient lists (no secrets, there). Some of the notable ingredients include: Aloe, Tea Tree, Turmeric, Jojoba Oil, and Irish Moss. According to Northport Naturals:

Our company only implements sustainable practices in the production of our products and use sustainable raw ingredients from suppliers who are FDA Registered, GMP Compliant and are powered with 100% renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy. We never use synthetic fragrances, sulfates, phthalates, parabens or any other harsh chemicals in any of our products and are fully committed to providing consistent, quality, and sustainable products.

I have been able to try their Clay Mask, Enzyme Mask, Ocean Mineral Serum, Body Milk Soufflé, and Toner. Needless to say, I really liked all of the products and after a month of use, I feel like my breakouts have calmed a bit, and the clay mask has helped tremendously with my hormonal acne. Below is a more thorough review of Northport Naturals.

First Impressions

I really appreciated the simplicity of the packaging; the products looked good in my bathroom amongst other products. I know that sounds silly, but I like when things in my bathroom co-exist well together. I also liked the smell of each product. There is no specific fragrance associated with Northport Naturals, which I really appreciate. Each product has it’s own scent.

Review: Northport Naturals //

Roman Chamomile and Tea Tree Toner – $14

I was worried this toner was going to be irritating, but it was really gentle. I have been using it twice a day for about a month and I find it very affective on my acne (that’s most likely due to the tea tree). To use, I wet a cotton pad with the toner and wipe my face after cleansing. After four weeks of use, I’m about half done with the bottle, so the $14 toner will last about two months. If you only use it once a day, it may last even longer for you.

If your skin is oily/acne-prone, but you find cheap astringents too harsh, then I highly recommend this toner.

Ocean Mineral Serum -$24

Serums are a great addition to any skincare regimen since the ingredients are more concentrated, making serums very results driven. This specific serum contains an ocean mineral complex that has restorative and healing properties. Other ingredients include herbs, plant compounds, and MSM, a natural solvent derived from the aloe vera plant. Due to the aloe, this is an excellent summer serum.

Due to my skincare needs, I use this serum about three times a week. The other days I use a serum that has glycolic for exfoliation and to keep fine lines and age spots under control. I have some melasma on my cheek that needs a high AHA. Some of their products do contain a natural AHA (lemon oil), but I need something a bit more intense.

Detoxifying Clay Mask – $19

This was one of my favorite products from Northport Naturals! It has been so helpful for my hormonal acne and the acne that has developed near my brows. When I first opened the container, I figured I would find a paste, but it was actually a powder. You have to make the mask yourself, which is usually what happens with high-end masks. Due to the affordable price, I was excited!

The first time I used this product, I made the mistake of putting the mask all over my face. My cheeks tend to be dry year-round, so they did not need the mask. So now I apply this mask on my chin and forehead only — the two places that really need it. Whenever I notice a hormonal acne attack, I apply this mask for about 20 minutes and then wash it off. The atrocious zit is usually way less prominent the following day.

The clay is derived from naturally aged volcanic ash, and contains essential minerals that really help with clogged pores. Below is a step-by-step on how to use the mask.

Review: Northport Naturals Detoxifying Clay Mask

To start, you need a table spoon, a clean makeup brush, and a mixing cup or bowl.

Review: Northport Naturals, an Organic Skincare Line That Won't Break the Bank

To make the perfect paste, you just need equals parts of the mask and water.

Review: Northport Naturals

Once I mix it up, I use the brush to apply it to my face. I personally only put the mask on my forehead, brow area, and chin.

Review: The Clay Mask from Northport Naturals //

I put the enzyme mask on my nose while I wait for the clay mask to dry. I usually enjoy a cup of coffee and relax for about 20 minutes before removing.

Rejuvenating Enzyme Mask – $19

The smell of this mask reminded me of old-school Noxema, which I liked because it brought back some good 90’s memories. Now Noxema is terrible for your skin, but this product has been great so far (and they are nothing alike). This enzyme mask was made to gently remove dead skin cells from your face, and I use it about twice a week.

The enzymes are from pumpkin and papaya which both have antioxidant properties providing folic acid and vitamin C, which is a natural skin brightener. I have definitely found my skin to be more radiant since using this mask, so I highly recommend it.

This mask also doesn’t harden on your face like the clay mask, so it doesn’t dry your skin out. Due to the strong smell, I recommend you only leave this enzyme mask on your skin for a few minutes until you know how your skin will react. My skin has personally been fine.

Body Milk Soufflé – $12

The smell of this lotion is heavenly! It smells like a lemon meringue pie, and due to the aloe vera, it’s an excellent after-sun lotion. I have been using this lotion after every shower, and the smell just makes me so happy. It’s also really light and non-greasy, which is a common problem for soufflé lotions.

The aloe vera in this lotion is organic, and the added lemon essential oil naturally contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), which aids in the removal of dead skin cells. Lemon Essential Oil also contains naturally occurring vitamin C which is crucial for the synthesis of collagen. Out of all of the products I tried from Northport Naturals, this is the one that will be purchased again and again.

Review: Vegan and Organic Skincare Line, Northport Naturals


– All of the products are natural and most of the ingredients are organic

– Northport Naturals is very affordable

– The smell of each product is unique

– The packaging is simple and minimal

– The containers that are 100% BPA-Free and are 100% recyclable

– There are no added colors

– Northport Naturals is cruelty-free and vegan

– Everything is made in small batches, and all of the products are made in Michigan

– All products are void of synthetic fragrances, sulfates, phthalates and parabens

– Great for acne prone skin

– Great ingredients for skin that is often in the sun


– You can only buy online

– They don’t have a night-cream for dry skin

– There isn’t much info on the packaging about what each product does, causing me to continuously check the website

– The website can be a bit wordy. Since I know a lot about skincare, I know how to skim a bit better. But the descriptions and ingredient breakdown is so wordy that it can just get confusing. I wish they would simplify the descriptions a bit.

Overall, I’m really into this vegan brand. My skin has reacted well to it and the price point is excellent. Who says you need to break the bank if you want good skin? I highly recommend Northport Naturals (especially the clay mask and body milk soufflé) if you like organic products and you tend to be more oily. For me personally, I think I’ll be using this brand every summer due to their sun friendly ingredients.

Have you ever tried Northport Naturals? Let us know in the comments below!

*Northport Naturals provided their products for review, but as always, opinions are my own.