Rock These Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Looks For Your Girls’ Night Out

Posted June 21, 2020 by in Beauty
EuphoriaHunter Schafer, Zendayaphoto: HBO

Euphoria” as a show has been totally rocking. Gaining popularity among viewers from across the globe, the show has earned itself an average viewership of over 577,000 per episode. Yes, the numbers sound exciting. But that’s not the only exciting thing about the show.

The program showcases all shades of cool and hot makeup that we’ve all loved. And in this post, we are talking about five of those makeup looks that you can try out for your next Girls’ Night Out. 

So, let’s get ready to take some screenshots. This is surely gonna be fun!

1. Maddy’s Purple & Pink Eye Makeup

As stunning as stunning gets, and as girly as one can like, this is a makeup look that can attract eyeballs from a distance.

Maddy from Euphoria makeup

So, get ready to steal the look. Here’s a video tutorial that you can watch and learn from.

Moving on to the product that you are going to need, a duo glitter and glow liquid eye shadow of the shades of your choice will do the trick. Rest, you can find out in the video as well.

2. Maddy’s Neon Liner Look

Another one coming from Maddy is her killer neon look. In the entirety of eternity, finding a match for this style may be impossible.

neon makeup look Maddy from Euphoria show

The look is surely setting a benchmark for every eye makeup enthusiast. Try this out for yourself with the help of this simple tutorial.

A quads eyeshadow with the shades that were mentioned in the video will be the best for this super attractive eye makeup.

3. Rue’s ‘Glitter Trip’

Don’t you just love to see a glittering Zendaya on your screen? The look has certainly stolen millions of hearts, and surely, many of us want to get the look and carry it with our own charm.

Rue from Euphoria

And with the tutorial that we are sharing, all of this will become dramatically easier.

To get this look, the product that you must get first is a chunky face glitter pack. In fact, there can be packs that will be really effortless to apply, so you wouldn’t even have to invest a lot of time in getting into the look.

4. Jule’s Cloud Liner

And you can’t simply take your eyes away from this look. The cloud around your eyes is surely going to attract admirers. 

Jule's makeup look from Euphoria show

Can’t wait to try this out? Watch the tutorial below and the look will be yours soon.

The best-suited product for this look will be a simple white liquid eyeliner.

Yes, that’s that. Using this liner, you can simply draw the clouds around your eyes. Follow the tutorial for sharp precision.

5. Rue, Jules and Maddy’s Most Iconic Looks

Well, this one is for everyone who likes the icons. The following tutorial will take you through three of the most popular looks that Rue, Jules, and Maddy carried in season 1.

Get a good quality lip oil, which has a poppy and shiny color, and you will be good to go for this style.

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If you love makeup, and if you love Euphoria, we’re sure you too might have thought about getting into one of those superb styles that the show brought to the world.

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post and found it useful. Also, don’t forget to share your experiences of trying out these makeup looks.