Rolling Up To College: 4 Tips To Prep Your New Dorm

Posted October 19, 2018 by in Lifestyle

Going to college – no matter when you go in life – is an exciting time. It’s the time for growth, change and independence and it’s also a time to get to know new people. One of the things that most college freshmen get most excited about, is moving into dorms. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving into a shared room, you still get a place to make your own and turn into your own sanctuary away from seminars, lectures and the library.

Moving day itself is usually one of the most stressful days for a college starter. There’s a lot of changes happening, a lot of bustling and it can be overwhelming to leave home and get to know your new roommate all in the same day. You need to be ready and part of that is going to be getting your parents to help you pack up. You should ensure you take just one suitcase – the rest of your stuff can stay at your room in your parent’s house. You should also check out mattress reviews and bedding reviews for the most comfortable bed in your college dorm. Preparing your room to live in it takes some work and you’ll need some help from your parents, so don’t turn down a lift into college, whatever you do. So, now the big day is here, you’ll find four tips for perfect preparation of your college dorm room.

Pack A Tool Bag: For this, think less screwdrivers and more paper towels and Lysol. Your college dorm room needs a wipe down before you start setting things up, so add scissors and duct tape to your tool bag as well as a doorstop to keep the door open while you bring all your things into the room. The paper towels and Lysol? A good way to clean house before you stamp your own stuff around.

Go In Early: Arrive at college dorms nice and early on move in day but you should endeavor to respect the moving in time that you are given by the college. Try and coordinate with your roommate on arrival so that you can get in at the same time – and don’t forget icebreaker boxes of candy and cookies!

Dress Comfy: Setting up your room is going to mean you’re humping a lot of boxes and cases up and down flights of stairs. Once you get there, you can’t be in heels and jeans when you have all that to do. Pack nice clothes in an easy-grab bag so that you can change once you’ve moved things in, doing that will mean you can change quickly afterwards.

Stock Up: Make time to head to Walmart or Target after you’ve unpacked so that you and your parents can stock up on the essentials for your room. Once you’re prepped, you can get ready to say your goodbyes and start your new student life.

College transitions are a big deal, take your time and pack right so you can make your first day smooth.

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