Packing Your Bedroom: What to Expect If You Pay Movers to Pack for You

Posted April 29, 2019 by in Lifestyle

In this article, we’ll walk you through what removalist in Adelaide will do to your house if you choose to have them pack your stuff on your behalf. First-time mover? A long-time veteran of the moving game? Everybody is welcome to read along. We all know moving is a stressful situation, but this article will help you make it easier.

Do remember that some moving companies work differently than this, but this is a good general map. Relocating does not have to be a nightmare. Experienced companies such as a Brisbane removalist are there to help you and let you outsource them every step of the process so that you only focus on the exciting part: enjoying your new place.

Let’s start with the master bedroom:

Your Closet

No matter if it’s a walk-in or a little hole in the wall, your closet will probably be the first thing packed in your bedroom. Why? It’s usually the fastest, easiest part to get out of the room. It may also open up space necessary to get your bed out of the way, depending on how your bedroom is set up. Shoes are usually placed into a simple cardboard box. Wardrobe boxes are used to place hanging clothes on a rack so they remain upright throughout the move.

If possible, racks and storage will be dismantled for easier, safer storage during your move. Since closets vary in a great number of ways, continue in this vein.

Your En Suite

If there is an attached bathroom, it is likely that this will be the next portion of your bedroom that is packed. This is usually a pretty quick room to pack as well. All soft items (such as rugs), beauty products that can be shipped, and similar belongings will be boxed together. Tell the movers if you want any cabinets, mirrors and/or furniture to come with you as these are often left behind. Why? Most are attached to the walls or appear to be.

Pink bathroom

Your Dresser and Drawers

Jewelry, personal clothing, pictures, and anything else you keep in your drawers, dressers, and chests are usually next. These items are almost always placed in simple cardboard boxes, though some companies may use wardrobe containers without the internal rack crossbar in place. This usually happens when the majority of your belongings are clothing or clothing-related.

If you have any personal effects that you do not wish to be packed, be certain to remove them prior to the arrival of the movers. If you have an air mattress, cot, sleeping bag, or other substitute bed, remember to place it with your non-packed items.

Your Bed

A bed usually consists of a mattress and box spring. It may or may not have a frame attached to it. For this part, we recommend watching from a distance. Mattresses are large and unwieldy things. Even if you are attempting to help with the best intentions, you may end up gently bumped against a wall simply due to the nature of the wobbly mattress.

Most moving companies will verify that you lack bed bugs, then place your bed in a zippered plastic container to keep it safe throughout the move. This protects it from bed bugs, dust mites, or other insects, and any other unpleasant buddies that may try to stow away.

Your Miscellaneous

The rest of your bedroom furniture and your bed frame (if you have one) will be dismantled to the furthest, safest, extent prior to being packed. Many dressers and chests do not come apart. If this is the case, boxes of clothing may be stored in the cavities of them for the duration of the move. Dressers usually have their drawers removed and bound together for easier, safer keeping during moving. 

Ikea Malm Dresser

As you can see, moving isn’t an easy thing to do, but knowing what to expect can calm the nerves and make the experience seamless so you can get to the fun stuff in the new place…decorating!

Now this is only how they will pack your bedroom, but each room is quite similar. Hopefully this helps!