Rumors Boutique

Posted February 27, 2011 by in Richmond (VA)

This is an amazing (the best one I’ve seen) Buy/Sell/Trade store located in Richmond, VA. Before I moved to New York this was my #1 shopping place. It’s owned by two awesome girls. Definitely check it out if you live in the Richmond area or are just visiting.

Rumors Boutique
404 North Harrison Street
Richmond, Virginia
(804) 726-9944

‘My best friend and I opened the store 3 years ago when we were 21. We buy around 300 items a day and are heavily involved with the city. 60 percent of our items are under $12 dollars.  On Thursdays we donate 20 percent of sales to non profits. We have also had over 100 bands play our store.’

-Marshe (co-owner)