Run Anywhere With These Trendy Sneakers

Posted August 11, 2021 by in Fashion

For your outfit to turn into a look, why miss out on one of the critical aspects of a perfect fit? Shoes can totally make or break a look. It depends on the type of vibe you are going for, and matching a pair of shoes, sneakers, or loafers is an excellent way to level up the street style quotient, the edge or the ethnic vibes of your little one’s outfit. Be it a boy’s running shoes or classy chic options, we have covered it all! 

Slaying with Street Style 

With kicks like these, your little man will dominate the street style game. Shoes for boys are not that tricky to find, though, shoes that not just complete but enhance an outfit, well, those are rare. Sneakers like this with a blend of cool and warm tones are super on-trend and are a great way to up your son’s sneaker game. Chunky sneakers are all the rage right now, and for a good reason, they not only add a super lux feel to the outfit but have an awesome 90’s retro vibe that has been on everyone’s mood board for the better half of this year. 

A Classic Minimalistic Edge 

A monochromatic fit, capped with these slides paired with white socks, will indeed look stunning. Ok, if you want some more inspiration, pair these shoes with baggy beige pants, a fitted ribbed white tank, an oversized shirt, a bucket hat and, well, of course, socks. Trust us; your little man will look Pinterest ready as he walks around in this classic chic minimalistic fit. Boys shoes like these are also an effortless way to top up any look, and it is a staple piece. 

Space Jam!

Dad sneakers have indeed been all the rage, so why should Dad’s mini-me be left out of all the fun. These blue and white sneakers are ideal for pairing with a Buzz Lightyear costume or on a regular day out on the town. These sneakers are the perfect way to elevate a simple white shirt and blue jeans look into something that looks like a stylist has put together just for your little dude! Boys sneakers, a splendid way to jazz up a look, especially if your son is someone who detests getting dressed; throw on a neutral toned t-shirt, jeans and statement shoes, and he is good to go! 

Encapsulating Royalty 

With the festive season fast approaching, mojaries like these are a superb way to complete any ethnic outfit. The brown colour does look great with a diverse variety of sherwanis and kurtas. The cutouts in these shoes make them super breathable and an excellent option for when your little boy will be out all day, frolicking and enjoying himself with family and friends.

A Minimalist Dream!

These timeless class shoes are a must-have in every boy’s shoe collection; they can be dressed down or dressed up depending on the reason. With street style and minimalism making a considerable comeback, these shoes are minimalistic in nature, but they can be the perfect fit for a maximalist outfit if dressed up. Match them with a black suit or blue denim and your kid’s favourite shirt, and you have got yourself a ‘lewk’! 

Voila, there you have it, now you know how to get your boy dressed to the nines from head to toe!