RV Summer Storage Tips—Cuz You Love Your RV!

Posted March 18, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Have all your summer expedition plans been put to rest again? Do you fear your family’s health and safety owing to the new COVID strains? Now that you love your RV, you wish to find a secure storage yard for keeping your baby until you’re ready for full time RV living or until your next short adventure. You love your RV and would hate to see a scratch while it is in the storage. 

Since you’re researching a lot to prevent damage to your RV while it is in there, some tips can work to ease your process.

Read on to know how:

Cover the Windows

The dashboard of your RV fades or cracks when exposed to continuous heat and the sun. To avoid the damage, ensure using a windshield cover for wrapping the entire RV. Also, close all the curtains and blinds to prevent sunlight from making a way into the RV, thereby maintain a low temperature easily . When you cover the windows, the wood and plastic don’t fade or crack. Also, the beds, couches, carpet, upholstery, and flooring materials are saved from fading. 

Check All the Seals

If you’ve decided to put your rig in the storage, ensure giving it a good wax and wash. The wax helps protect your RV from sun damage and restricts dirt from entering the space. A good wax coat also helps in making the cleanup after removing the vehicle from rv storage much more easy. The best thing lies in paying particular attention to the roof dirt as it is the primary cause of evil black streaks. Thus, the cleaner your RV, the better it is. 


One of the critical things to consider when looking for a storage unit is ventilation. Believe when the experts say that moisture is the primary aspect for damaging the RV. You may experience musty smells and mold growth if moisture develops when you bring your RV out of storage. Thus, the best way to keep the interiors dry is by leaving the vent rooftop open and installing unique vent covers. 

Keep the design of the vent covers in the manner that rain doesn’t get in and the flow of air maximizes. Moisture problems are left astray when the temperature on the insides and outside of the RV is equal. The storage unit experts also leave the closets, interior cabinets, and refrigerator doors open. 

Rodents and Bugs

Different pest problems persist in other parts of the country, and most of these can cause grief during rig storage. To eliminate these, first things first, ensure blocking or screening all the RV external openings. Some of the most popular bug entries are plumbing vents, fridge panels, furnace exhausts, and air intake pipings. 

Keep an eye on plumbing, tires, electricity, tanks, and security as further ado’s for maintaining top-notch RV storage. Hopefully, these tips would work well in preparing your RV for storage. Avoiding the exposure to the sun is the best thing you can do for safeguarding your RV. If not, be diligent to ensure its cleanliness. 

You can also invest in a mold spray, if you witness the sprouting up when put in a storage unit. After all, it’s all about RV storage made simple and secure!

Comment below if you come across any more handy tips.