Safety Tips for the Seniors in Your Life

Posted May 10, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Looking after the elderly people in your life can be pretty stressful. Aside from the obvious health concerns, you can worry about their overall safety. Fortunately, this is something you can control (to an extent). Here are some of the most important safety tips for the seniors in your life. 

Remove Trip Hazards

Falling over becomes much more dangerous as you get older. A fall can result in broken bones, hospital visits, and worse. To combat this, you should remove any trip hazards from their homes. This could involve throwing out some of their favorite possessions, but it’s well worth it.

Walk around the house and see what items could potentially cause a fall. You can’t prevent falls completely, but moving obvious trip hazards is a start. 

Keep Emergency Numbers Handy 

Elderly people might not have the best memory and they might find using modern technology challenging. That means, in an emergency, they are going to use the telephone. Next to the telephone (in big writing), you should make a list of the most important emergency numbers. This should include your own number as well as the number for emergency services. It might also be worth putting a few phones around the house, so they have easier access. 

Protect Against Fire 

Fire safety is one of the biggest considerations for seniors. Senior citizens might find it difficult to exit the house quickly in the event of a fire, so they need a few options. Firstly, install fire alarms around the house, so they are alerted in plenty of time. Then, plan an exit route for them. This might involve installing a new fire door in the bedroom. 

Provide an Alarm Device

Personal alarms are an excellent safety device for seniors. If they have a fall and can’t reach the phone, they can press the alarm button and a team will be notified. If they can’t contact your elderly relative, they will alert you and/or the emergency services. This ensures that they won’t be stuck anywhere alone for too long and it will provide you with peace of mind. 

Make Sure Any Weapons Are Locked Away

If your elderly relatives have weapons in the house, it’s important to keep them locked away safely. Even if they have used the weapons their whole lives, it can become more dangerous as they get older. Also, if they insist on carrying a gun with them in public, you should ensure that their concealed carry permit is up to date. Visit educate yourself on how to get a concealed carry permit in Texas.

Get a Video Doorbell Camera 

Video doorbell cameras are one of the greatest safety devices ever invented. When someone approaches the door, you can get a notification on your phone. 

If you are responsible for the safety of a senior, this is one of the first things you should install (they will need a WiFi connection). You can see who is at the door at any time, so you can rush round or phone the police if anything requiring such attention were to occur.