Budget Decor: Saving Space While Saving Money

Posted January 3, 2020 by in Home

Saving space is important. It can be for a handful of reasons, but one of the most common reasons is that funds are tight. A tough economy for young people has most trying to get by in a studio or small one-bedroom. This barely leaves enough room for living, much less successfully entertaining guests.

Often, traditional furniture options take up too much space. In a studio, there may not even be room for both a bed and a table. Fortunately, there are plenty of space-saving furniture options…

Wall Shelving

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to move items out of the way is to install some simple wall shelves. There are a few options for shelves. Some units only need mounted and are ready to go and others that need assembling.

The least expensive shelves are made of brackets from a hardware store with a piece of painted plywood or Cut My Plastic MDF sheet as the surface. If installed in a closet, they can even be neatly hidden behind those amazing, space-saving sliding closet doors.

wall shelf

Floating Desks and Tables

Sometimes, even in a small space, there is a need for surfaces. Things such as tables and desks items are to work on or eat your meals. Folding desks appear to be a simple cabinet when they are closed, but when open, they fold into a fully functional work surface. Some of the fancier ones even have two-tier surfaces.

A corner table base can fold out from a wall with a top leaf folding down to make an instant dining table.

Folding Furniture

Sometimes the best option is the most obvious one. Often, the fancy furniture that folds up onto the wall can get expensive. Folding chairs and tables can solve the price problem nicely because they are relatively affordable. It may not be a glamorous or user-friendly system, but placing folding items up on a shelf can provide the same amount of space as more costly options.

A great attribute of folding furniture is that it tends to be built for rough treatment. That means they will hold up to a beating and will last for many years.

Loft Bed

A loft bed is a lot like a bunk bed, but it only has one bed. In itself, it is pretty much a bed on stilts. This is nice because a bed only needs enough headroom to sit up comfortably. Underneath, the possibilities are diverse. It can be used for hanging clothes openly, or have shelves or drawers built-in. Another great option for a loft bed is building in a desk, which creates a cubicle like workspace while up against the wall.

Whatever the purpose is made of the space underneath, the design frees up what is, usually, unused space above a bed.

loft bed

Revolving Bookshelves and Cabinets

A bookshelf is a great place to store books or a variety of other items, and they usually sit against a wall, which is a space saver. One thing that is better for storage than a bookshelf is a unit that is multiple bookshelves.

Revolving bookshelves or cabinets have at least one storage space on the front and one on the back. Some, however, have three or more surfaces. These are placed on a rotating base so any of the surfaces can be easily accessed with a flick of the wrist.


Two things are important for complete living space; a bed and a couch. When it comes to studio living, it is not always practical to have both within the living space separately. Futons are simple solutions to that problem.

When laid out flat, the piece of furniture is a bed. The neat part is that they fold in the middle. The bed shifts with one half in an upright ninety-degree angle. When in the upright position, it becomes a couch that can seat three or four people.

futon in trendy apartment

Murphy Bed

For some people, a futon is not a good option, but they still need a bed that can be put away. Murphy beds fold up against the wall when they are not being slept in. Some of these beds even come with extra bonuses. A Murphy bed may have shelves built into the underside or a floating table that drops down during the day.

Discovery your options where space saving is concerned. With a few changes, you will be amazed at how much space you can get. 

How do you save money and space in your small apartment? Let us know in the comments below!

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