Saying Goodbye: A Guide to Leaving Your First Apartment

Posted January 30, 2017 by in Lifestyle

Whether your first apartment was an old shack or a beautiful loft, it will be an emotional experience saying goodbye. Your first place was where you learned how to be independent, and made so many new memories that you will remember forever.

So, here are a few things you can do that will ease your transition into your new abode and help you say goodbye to your first place.

Pay Your Respects…With Soap

Leaving a place that you have fond memories of is never easy. However, sometimes it can help to keep in mind that a new person or family are going to come and live there, creating special memories of their own. With this in mind, say thank you to the house and welcome the new residents by giving the place one final spruce up. Or better yet, let Whizz End of Lease Cleaning do it for you!

Think of all of the Great Things About Your New Place

You picked the new residence for a reason, maybe there is an extra bathroom, a kitchen with an oven from this century or maybe you finally have that outdoor space. Allow yourself to get excited about it all!

You are starting a new chapter in your life and so you have a chance to decorate differently, while expressing the things that have changed since the last time you passed a big milestone in your life.

Celebrate the Reason for the Big Move

Maybe you have a new job or a new partner, maybe you are starting a family (be it furry or human) and you need the space. It may just be as simple as your old lease expiring, but you can make it as special as you want! A house warming is a great reason to buy new things and catch up with all the people you just don’t get around to seeing as much as you would like to.

Plus, packing and unpacking is a great way of reminiscing on your life and achievements. It makes you take stock of the things you love and really look at all those photos and mementos that you have compiled. It’s a great feeling to allow yourself to get nostalgic about the progress you have made and the person you are.

You are Forced to Organize

Most of us like our things a certain way but that doesn’t mean we can always find the time to get it just right. Moving is the perfect time to organize your book collection and finally hang the artwork you bought at the flea market three years ago.

You can appreciate (at least for a while) that everything has found a place to be and it is just how you like it!

Anything Can Happen

A new place is an adventure, and now that you have relocated you get to explore for the first time as a local. You can find that one cafe that you will crave the cakes from, or the bar that you could find your new best friend in! You will be the one that people will ask about the best place to go for dinner! For a while the whole area will feel new, even if you’ve been there before.

Fresh starts are only as good as you make them, so use this as a time to get excited and seek out new things. Of course, things will be different, and moving sucks no matter how much preparation you put in. With that said, if you can find one thing to be excited about, the whole experience will be easier. Guaranteed!

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