Screw the Gym, Get a Hot Summer Body Without the Monthly Fee

Posted April 18, 2013 by in Health + Fitness

Ok, so it might not be as warm as we’d have expected for this time of year, but I’m positive now that summer is on its way. This means one thing if you’re body conscious — it’s almost time to flaunt your figure in that padded bikini. Gulp.

Bathing Suit Girl

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But with summer nights right around the corner, and more and more people cramming in a post-office workout at the gym, paying a monthly fee to pound the treadmill in a sweaty, overcrowded gym hardly sounds tempting, does it?

That doesn’t mean you need to boycott working out all together – oh no, your bikini body won’t come that easily I’m afraid girls. Instead, you need to make the most of both of these:

  • Warmer weather
  • Free spaces to exercise in your area

Here are my tips on effective & frugal workouts that promise to whip your figure into tip top summer shape in no time at all – no gyms allowed!


Seriously, I can’t stress this enough. Running is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise, so if you want to burn fat fast, grab some great looking gym shoes and start running, however make sure your gym shoes are meant for running; this will prevent injuries.

Summer time is peak race season, so pick an event to train for, whether it be a 5k fun run, a 10k race or your first half-marathon. This way you’ll give yourself motivation and a clear goal. Don’t know where to start? Consider downloading a Couch to 5k app to help you train.

Girl in running gear

Training with someone can help keep up momentum and push you to achieve your goal so pick a jogging buddy for a bit of healthy competition. It’s also a great way to spend some quality time enjoying the great outdoors.

Some people complain that running can be tough on their joints, and if you’re finding that you’re affected by this, why not try cycling? It’s another great form of cardio exercise and it’s much easier on sensitive joints.

Room Antics

No, nothing like that… I’m talking exercises you can do in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden, shed, wherever, that are free and don’t require equipment! Here’s a quick-win exercise to get you started:

The Slider – you’ll strengthen your abs, core, shoulders and legs

Start in the push-up position with each foot resting on a folded towel or yoga mat (this works best on a vinyl floor, such as in your bathroom). Slide your right knee towards your chest, keeping your left leg out straight behind you and your back straight. Slide your right leg back and repeat on the other side – this is one rep. Do 20 reps as quickly as you can, keeping your abs tight the whole time.

Girl doing slider exercise on towel

Walk to or from work

Obviously, this will depend on how far away you live from work, but if you can, aim to do this once a week – it’s lighter in the morning and evening now, meaning the trek to work should be quite pleasant (well, as nice as exercising before and after work can be…). If you can’t walk the whole way, try getting off the bus / train / tram a stop or two early – those extra steps count!

In a gym-less bid to get fit for summer, remember girls, it’s all about adding up the little things. That’s when you’ll really start making a difference.

Have low-cost tips for getting fit to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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