Scuba Diving Without the Mask – Exams and Preparations

Posted October 15, 2019 by in Lifestyle
woman scuba diving

The world is 70%  water and only 30% land. Why restrict yourself by only seeing 30% of it? Not to mention there are 230 thousand species inside the ocean and still 60% of the oceans’ species remain undiscovered. Come on let’s explore the new world and read this article to inspire you to explore. 

The ocean is really a fantastic world that is entirely different from land. You will be able to find and witness the varieties of new species with your eyes wide open. You will never forget the experience of seeing all of the marine life in their natural habitat. When you start to swim among the ocean dwellers, they will come up to you, inspect you, and then finally accept you. It’s truly a memorable experience. If you’re already a certified diver, then this isn’t new to you. If you’re not, but curious, keep reading. 

In order to get the scuba open water diver license, you have to go through several exams to ensure you’re safe when going in the water. You’ll even experience the simulated loss of your scuba mask. While scary, if it were to ever happen in real life, you would want to know what to do. 

Don’t think that you are going to dive alone, no. You will always have company with you. If you are ever in some kind of trouble you will have a friend to help you out. What if you lose your regulator? Or what if you bump into a rock and your regulator gets cut? If you have a friend with you, he/she will be able use the emergency regulator to help you out. 

Need to abort a dive? Here are three reasons you should abort a dive, one is if you can’t reach the destination, second one is you have gone too far, third is if the strap had been cut which is present around the head. The other person who is accommodating you will help you reach out to the surface even if you are not able to see anything.

Removing the vision mask and putting it on again is also in the exam. It is very important, and if you are unable to do that then you will not pass the exam. You will master the art of opening the eyes under the water, by diving underwater multiple times. But this ability to open the eyes underwater is not a necessity.

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The traffic, noise and all the troublesome of this earth is not present in the underwater world. When you dive into the water, you will not hear anything other than your own breathing sound. The underwater world has no phones, and no talking. It’s very peaceful. Once you become a more experienced diver, and you’re able to go deeper, you will not even think about land and you’ll just be able to enjoy the mystical beauty of the ocean.  

Can’t afford scuba diving at the moment? No worries, there are other fun ways to get fit! Have you ever gone scuba diving? Let us know in the comments below!