Seven Tips to Make Hair Curling A Lot Easier

Posted October 21, 2020 by in Beauty
woman getting hair curled

Even if you get some inspiration from TV stars, or watch tutorials on YouTube, and buy all those great hair care products meant to help you get perfect waves that look like you just came from the beach; it’s really not always that simple to do it with your curling iron.  

It doesn’t matter the type of curling iron you have. There is still a learning curve to figure out the correct manner of holding it, learn what temperatures to use, and figure out how long your hair should stay. Plus, that all assumes you have the top curling iron from the beginning.

According to HairInsights, an automatic hair curler does make things significantly easier.

Thus if you feel like some 1980s prom queen instead of the actress from the magazine you admire when you try to get some curls, we will give you some tips to figure out what you are doing incorrectly. 

At times, the simplest method of learning the way to do anything is knowing what you shouldn’t do. The following is a list of faux paux with curling irons. It’s geared toward hair types and the look you are trying to mimic.

So, take a look and learn to master curling your lovely locks!

Seven Tips to Make Hair Curling A Lot Easier

Blunder #1: Presuming bigger is better when it comes to curling irons to get great beach waves

Many times folks believe the bigger the better with a curling iron and the better beach waves they will get. Nope. If you get a curling iron that’s too large for the length of your hair, it will be hard to use.

If you want piece-y beach waves, you’re going to want a smaller barrel. If they are too tight, you can always make them more subtle by brushing them out with a comb or your fingers.

Blunder #2: Conserving the hairspray til the end 

If you use your hair spray after you’re finished, it makes it more likely your hair will go flat. So, instead use hairspray for light to firm hold (i.e. Aveda Air Spray, Control Force).

This will prep the hair and help your curls set. Plus, don’t use hair oil! It merely weighs down the waves. There are other heat protectants out there that won’t weigh down your hair.

Blunder #3: Utilizing an incorrect temperature for the type of hair you have

If your hair is processed, the temperature should remain on low. However, if you have healthy hair  you can use high heat.

The hotter the setting the better your hair will set, but be sure to use some kind of heat protectant.

Blunder #4: Not utilizing various wrapping methods

That may seem logical to you; however, using various kinds of wrapping methods is needed depending on the type of waves or curls you want. For instance, you need to wrap the hair around the curling iron’s barrel for glamorous old-school curls.

But if more modern waves that are messier is your desire, begin lower on your head and leave the hair ends in. For those, you should use a curling iron with a clip as it helps keep those ends in. 

Blunder #5: Not giving proper attention to what angle you are holding your curling iron as you style your hair

For bigger hair volume, the roots should be heated first. You also must hold your curling iron at a perpendicular angle to that section of hair you want to curl. It needs to be held straight off the head.

If instead you don’t want to increase hair volume, angle the curling iron straight down.

Blunder #6: Keeping the curling iron on the hair for too long

It’s crucial to always leave your curling iron onto the hair for a maximum 8 to ten seconds. If you have hair that resists curling, you might be able to leave it a second or two more or if you desire tighter curls. And additionally you must leave it on each curl for the same timeframe.

You want to have a healthy head of hair into the future so not overdoing it is important. 

Blunder #7: Not blow-drying the hair all the way prior to curling it

Ever clamp your curling iron onto your hair but then it begins to sizzle? That is bad. It tends to occur if the hair is still a little wet. Starting by doing a good blow drying session may take a little time, however, it will give you results like you get at the salon.

Be sure to put heat protectant onto the hair prior to using the blow dryer, as well as use a hold product, and use some hairspray prior to beginning to curl it. It will both set your curls better as well as ensure you hair doesn’t fry.