Shifting Home to Canada? Learn Effective DIY Methods for Homeowners

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If you already consider yourself a homeowner in Canada looking to shift homes or wish to move to a beautiful Canadian city, Kamloops might be the best option to go for. You can find the place located in the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, and you can find it located at the place where the North and South Thompson Rivers come together. As Cressman Property Management says it carries a charm in itself with its balance between nature and modern architecture to give you a glimpse of both worlds. 

Demographics and Population

A rough estimate of 100,000 individuals inhabit the city today, and people even refer to it like the “Tournament Capital of Canada” since it houses multiple tournaments annually. 

Perks of Buying Real Estate at Kamloops B.C. 

An advantage of getting a house here is the secure and serene neighborhoods with numerous indoor recreation places and a prosperous economy. 

The guide below helps the reader get a good overview of how it would feel to become a homeowner inside the district. The fun-filled indoor activities and top-ranking education systems make it an ideal location to reside with family. 

What Do the Neighborhoods Look Like in Kamloops, B.C.? 

There exist about 25 officially registered neighborhoods in the area, and each place comes with its own set of amenities. These perks range from recreation facilities to schools, grocery stores, and more. However, one can easily decide the best neighborhood for themselves based on what amenities you prioritize over others. 


The neighborhood of Aberdeen can get seen situated alongside Highway 5A, and it looks across the city of Kamloops with the Thompson River Valley all around. And the high altitude of the area causes a slight decrease in climate conditions, resulting in a slightly cooler winter and summer season. However, residents can thoroughly enjoy the eye-catching panoramic shots throughout the year.

Being a purely residential area, Aberdeen gets considered one of the most rapidly growing neighborhoods. And the real estate observed here includes all sorts of bungalows, such as smaller homes suitable for single families and other townhouse or condominium buildings. Several residents feel attracted to the place due to its easy access and walkability to public bus stops and grocery stores. 

So What Are Some of the Most Famous Attractions to Look for In the Area? 

Juniper Ridge

The community of Juniper Ridge can get spotted nestled next to the hillside, just south of the South Thompson River. The community consists of many Homes for Sale in Kamloops, BC., and includes many single-family homes constructed, which vary in size and architecture depending on where they get made. Several amenities in the area are attractive to residents, such as a well-lit ice rink, tennis courts, and a dog park. You can also find an elementary school here located within the area.

DIY Ideas for Home Decor

Now that we have a comprehensive overview of real estate in some of the most popular regions, let us discuss some DIY home decor methods for homeowners after purchasing their preferred real estate. 

Decorative Pin board

You can now keep all your treasured memories on display wherever you wish on a pin board especially designed by you. Other objects that hold sentimental importance include cards, pictures, or even artwork created by your child on their first day of school. The best part is that you can always add changes based on your preferences.

Painted Console Table

You can now use old television consoles lying vacant inside your homes that are no longer in use. One of the many ways to refurbish old furniture is to paint it using funky colors to give it a more modern outlook.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can get considered another idea to add more aesthetic value to your interior. These feature wall-to-wall shelves with different heights and shapes that look appealing to the eye when arranged in order.

Wallpaper a Wall

Perhaps wallpaper walls have an interesting aspect due to their intricate patterns that can add elegance and texture to any space. Several materials can now get purchased from the market to suit your preferred theme, and their peel-and-stick feature can make the DIY process much easier to achieve. However, one must measure the length and width of every wall and then multiply those numbers to get the actual footage of the wall. A helpful trick is to subtract 10 square feet for each door or large window to get accurate results. And if one gets a patterned wallpaper, it is always best to buy an extra roll to stay on the safe side.

Hang Plants from the Ceiling 

Select the spot that receives maximum sunlight inside your house. You can use a bolt to support the plant against the wall so that the plastic supports less weight from the ceiling than the wall. 

Perhaps it is of utmost importance to get yourself a well-experienced broker when purchasing an ideal house at your location of choice. 

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