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Kinship self-reflect mineral sunscreen and Native mineral sunscreen on white background

I am what you may call a sunscreen connoisseur. When I was about 15 years old, I read an article in YM Magazine (RIP) that said our best defense against aging was sunscreen, and I honestly haven’t left the house without it since. I started with the Purpose face lotion that has SPF 10, until I started doing my own research. It didn’t take long to learn that SPF 10 was not enough—not even close. Now I don’t leave the house without at least SPF 30 on my face, and 50+ if I intend on being in the sun all day (hello, LA beach days). I’m kind of tooting my own horn here, but I’m proud of the way my skin looks, and I don’t thank all of my expensive skincare products for that—I thank sunscreen.

I’m now 36 years old, so I’ve used a lot of sunscreens these past 21 years. Below are my favorite chemical sunscreens and my favorite mineral sunscreens for both the face and body:

Flat lay of mineral sunscreens

My Favorite Chemical Sunscreens

Chemical sunscreens change the way your skin reacts to the sun and the type of sunscreen I use most often. My all time favorite face sunscreen is the Daily UV Defense Invisible Broad Spectrum SPF 36 Sunscreen from Innisfree. I’ve been a loyal fan for years. Since it comes in at $18 per bottle, it’s more of a splurge, but I do truly love it, so I’m okay with the expense. It has never burned my eyes, it doesn’t leave my skin oily, and I’ve never experienced a sunburn while using it. It’s also a great makeup primer.

For the body, my go-to has always been the Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch sunscreen varieties—it leaves my skin smelling great and looking luminous. I also like that it doesn’t smell like sunscreen—it smells like a coconut scented body lotion instead of that typical sunscreen sent. I also like the active version as well—perfect for long runs or hikes outdoors. These two chemical sunscreens also come in various SPF protections (30, 50, and 70). All of them feel the same on the skin, and the sprays are great too. Another chemical sunscreen favorite is from a brand called Vacation. You can find Vacation products at both Target and Ulta and they all smell heavenly.

While it’s not my favorite sunscreen, I do occasionally like to have the Glossier sunscreens in my skincare lineup.

Shop my favorite chemical sunscreens for both the body and face below:

My Favorite Mineral Sunscreens

I didn’t start experimenting with mineral sunscreens until my pregnancy and I felt pretty meh about them at first, until I found Kinship. Their Self Reflect mineral sunscreen has become my favorite face sunscreen, period. It smells great and it’s a great makeup primer. The best part? No white cast! You can find it at Ulta and on Amazon. I had my baby in March, but since I’m breastfeeding, I’m still on a mineral sunscreen kick (unfortunately chemical sunscreens are a no-no during pregnancy and breastfeeding).

Another mineral sunscreen I like is from Native. Both their body and face mineral sunscreens are excellent. No white cast and the facial mineral sunscreen is mattifying, making it perfect for those with oily skin.

Native and Kinship mineral sunscreens for the face on a white rug

A mineral sunscreen with a higher SPF that I like is the Australian Gold Botanical Mineral SPF 50 Lotion Sunscreen. Coming in at less than $12, it’s budget friendly and it’s great for beach days. However it does leave a slight lavender cast on the skin, so keep that in mind. I find that the higher the SPF with mineral sunscreens, the higher the chance it will leave a white cast on the skin.

Shop my favorite mineral sunscreens for both the body and face below:

*After my breastfeeding journey is over, I will continue to use Kinship sunscreen on my face, however I’ll likely return to using chemical sunscreens for my body.

What are your favorite sunscreens? Let us know in the comments below!

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