Shop These Affordable Long Sleeve Dresses—All Under $50

Posted January 10, 2024 by in Fashion

Since the pandemic, fashion has been going through a huge transition and I am here for it. Prior to my 2020 move to Los Angeles, I lived in New York City for about 9 years and throughout that time, trends emerged of course (*cough* harem pants *cough*), but the overall style remained pretty consistent with litter variation happening year-by-year other than the usual seasonal color shifts. The 90’s did make a comeback, but it was subtle. Then I moved to LA, the pandemic hit, we were all stuck indoors for a solid two years, and then boom—fashion was like “hey, remember me?”

I had just graduated high school when bootcut styles were no longer “cool” to be seen in. It was all about skinny jeans and high waisted everything my entire adult life, and then overnight, baggy jeans and bootcut athletic pants came back. Visually, it has been a trip. I’ve been hearing a lot of millennials complain about—they are not that excited about the major shift in pant cuts and the resurgence of Y2k styles. I will say, it is a pretty major change compared to the decade before the pandemic, but I personally like the change that has been happening. I think we needed it—although it is very weird seeing teenagers wearing what the cool kids were wearing when us millennials were in elementary school. But hey, I’m sure our parents thought it was strange when we started wearing 70s style looks—fashion goes in cycles I suppose.

Blogger and DJ, Amanda Raye Siguenza in a long sleeve dress at the Bradbury Building in Downtown Los Angeles

  • Dress: $13.99 via Shein (wearing a medium in the photo)
  • Boots: $10 (thrifted)

With all that being said, I found an old post from 2019 showcasing trendy and affordable long sleeved dresses. I was going to simply update the post—but too much time has passed and fashion has taken a major turn, so I decided to let it live in the past as a reminder that we are changing and evolving. That’s a good thing! Below is a 2024 friendly shopping inspiration guide if you’re looking for long sleeved dresses to get you through the gloomy winter season. Many of the long sleeve dresses below have some y2k and retro flair—all under $50.

Shop These Under $50 Long Sleeve Dresses

Just pair one of the looks above with a pair of loafers, black boots (those never go out of style) a pair Adidas Superstars, or my favorite…white boots.

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