Shopping for Clothes Online—why Is It so Popular?

Posted February 24, 2022 by in Fashion
A Person Doing Online Shopping

Twenty-four years ago, the first online store appeared in Russia: the site specializes in selling books and is still working. This event marked the beginning of the era of online shopping. Today, online shopping is an integral and absolutely normal part of everyday life. The segment is growing dynamically, but in some countries, it is still developing more slowly than in Western countries.

In the context of a global pandemic, when most people are forced to stay at home and work remotely, the potential of online shopping has opened up in a new light. Today we will talk about ladies clothing online shopping: how to find attractive conditions, protect yourself from fraud, and purchase a quality thing that fit well.

Why buying online is profitable, especially now

Today we have to adapt to a new reality. She made adjustments to everyday life, workflow and business. The fashion industry is no exception. Major global brands also set a great example of solidarity. Gucci and Prada provide their factories for the production of masks and protective clothing. I-D magazine keeps its distance and shoots models on facetime, Zara prepared a fresh lookbook at home. Manolo Blahnik releases branded coloring pages, and Dior board games to diversify your leisure time. But most clothing manufacturers have cut prices on current collections earlier than usual. An unprecedented opportunity – not to be missed.

Why do people love online shopping?

Ordering goods online has become popular even before the current situation with the coronavirus. There are quite a few benefits and they speak for themselves.

Saving money

All the benefits are at a glance: for discounts, promotions, special offers in the online store there is a separate section. Agree, it is much easier to evaluate offers, compare products both within the brand and with other brands. In addition, at the checkout stage, it is easier to control impulsive purchases. Many online shoppers with experience admit that it is more difficult to refuse goods at the checkout in the store. Sellers are often interested in the reason and make a compelling case for the purchase. During online shopping, this problem does not arise. Before paying, you check the order, see the amount and, if necessary, you can remove an extra, unplanned product from the basket or add it to your favorites, postponing it for later.

Variety of assortment

The rule is true: if your business is not online, then it does not exist. All major and regional labels, designer clothing, tailoring studios, and even self-employed seamstresses have their online store, one-page website, or at least a page on a social network through which you can place an order. Purchases are available worldwide. Of course, today it is easier and safer to buy clothes from Russian manufacturers – this is good news. You may be surprised how domestic clothing brands have developed.

In terms of quality, style, convenience, the models of modern Russian brands are not inferior, and more often even surpass both the foreign mass market and the premium segment.

Saving time

There is no confusion in the online store, everything is structured, it is easy to find the right position using sections or through the site search. No need to go somewhere and stand in traffic jams, push around stands with other customers, look for your size, wait in line at the fitting room or at the checkout. You can place an order in a couple of clicks at any time of the day, and spend the free time that has appeared on relaxation, hobbies, or communication with loved ones.

Free stylist services

Now this is possible! In fact, everything is simple here: the algorithms of most clothing stores immediately offer to purchase items that match with each other. For example, you choose your favorite blouse, and the site will show the current bottom, accessories, shoes to create a stylish look. All items can be purchased immediately. Another handy feature is “similar products”. Evaluating the entire range and choosing the best option has become easier than ever, and most importantly – no stress.

Convenient delivery

The development of the segment allows companies to offer comfortable conditions for the delivery, fitting and return of goods. Today, delivery within two to three days is a reality.

A few tips for shopping without cheating

To conclude, here are some proven tips for online shopping with no regrets.

  1. Buy only on official, trusted sites. Genuine brand sites guarantee reliable protection of your card data when paying online. You can also issue a virtual card and transfer only a fixed amount to it to pay for the order.
  2. Install an anti-virus program on your computer – this will allow you to monitor potentially dangerous situations in a timely manner.
  3. Before placing an order, carefully read the terms of delivery, fitting and return. If you have any questions, be sure to consult with the site manager or customer support.
  4. Take your measurements. Sometimes the size range varies depending on the label. To be sure that the clothes will sit on the figure, it is better to compare the key parameters according to the size grid.
  5. Pay attention to the composition of the fabric, the processing of the seams and the fastening of the fittings to ensure the quality of the products. For your first purchase, look online for reviews from other buyers.
  6. Register on the websites of your favorite brands, issue bonus cards, and subscribe to mailing lists. So you will be the first to know about new arrivals, promotions and discounts, as well as profitable, closed offers only for regular customers will become available to you. And online shopping will turn into a small holiday!