Shower Grates: 5 Important Things to Note About the Shower Drain Installation Procedure

Posted August 4, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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Most home renovation projects begin with bathroom upgrades before other parts of the house are checked. You must consider the quality of materials you purchase, have actual designs to follow, and most importantly choose the right team to oversee the entire procedure. That unfortunately means adjusting your budget to suit the wide range of needs tabled during the process. Proper drainage is for instance a necessary improvement that has to be made with the introduction of modern shower grates and drains. You can choose different shower grates designs from sellers online and near you but the installation process is where most planning goes to. Here are a few things you should know when planning to install a shower drain today.

Be Careful Around Tight Spots

Bathroom drain replacement should be an easy task that with slight experience can be handled DIY. It is however never the outcome when the replacement turns to a major project inviting other expenses that were never planned for. The ceiling area to be cut is likely to be filled with wires and pipes that make accessing the nuts needed difficult. If you resort to the outer lock-nut style for your drainage, you might just avoid such inconveniences in case more drain replacement projects need to be done in the future.

Ceiling Cuts and Adjustments Could Be Made

Though not guaranteed, most shower drain replacement projects entail cutting through the ceiling for improved access. Problems like leaks are necessarily leading to the renovation project however it has other effects like unplanned expenses. The project will not be complete if the drywall in the leaking area is not replaced. The ceiling cut is also another possibility when you are replacing not just the shower drains but also the shower base. You should however get extra help when you need to balance the shower base with the drain for accurate alignment during the renovation project.

Replacing the Entire Trap Can Work Better

Removing old drainage is never easy if the connections were welded together. At some point, the experts will have to cut the drain pipes during the removal and that leaves you with shortened pipes that may not be fit for your new drainage plan. You will either have to extend them before the installation as you lay down the new drainage. This can all be time and energy consuming for most people and that is why replacing the entire trap can be an easier task.

Pipe Size Discrepancies Are Normal

Make sure you understand the size of pipes and tools needed for successful shower drain installation. Most shower drain pipes are not more than 2 inches worth of diameter but that does not mean drainage pipes are uniform. Finding the right size of piping when shopping for your suppliers will save you from the extra tips to the store. Check the local codes too to understand the right size homeowners in the area use to avoid such pipe size discrepancies.

Avoid Blocking Weep Holes

Some bathroom renovation projects involving shower gate replacement will involve redoing your whole bathroom floor. Cemented-in shower drains are tough to replace unless you get rid of the flooring to access the mortar bed laid over a waterproof surface. The grates to be used in tiled showers must have weep holes that allow for water drainage away from the membrane and into the drains. It is for such unplanned complications that people prefer to hire top-quality shower grate installation experts that improve the success of the project.