Sick of the Office? 3 Jobs That Don’t Require a Desk

Posted January 25, 2017 by in Career
Jobs that are more active than sedentary

These days, so many of us live an increasingly sedentary lifestyle — much of which is coerced by our work and career. The invention of the internet was a great advance for both businesses and individuals worldwide, and opens job related doors for many of us. However, it also means that most of us spend our days sitting in front of a screen, in an office chair, barely moving. If your office is a long way from your home, chances are you drive there too.

For a naturally active person, this kind of lifestyle can feel pretty restrictive. Humans were not designed to sit in the same position for hours every day, and you might find yourself getting restless with the same old routine. Decided it’s time for a change? Here are some of the best careers for those of us who need a little more movement in our lives.

Personal Trainer

It’s probably worth starting with the most obvious one: a personal trainer. If health and fitness is already a big part of your life and you can’t stay away from the gym, it’s probably worth capitalizing on that passion.

Being a personal trainer can be incredibly rewarding, as not only are you in the gym every day living and breathing fitness, you also get to help clients achieve their goals. This is a role best suited to someone focused yet social, as your clients will start to become your friends too. In order to become a personal trainer, you need to complete specific training courses, and you also need to be proficient in first aid too.

Ski Instructor

Fancy living out your dream of being active every day but also doing it in a beautiful setting? There’s no backdrop more stunning that a snow-topped mountain range, so if this sounds like the ideal office for you, you might want to consider becoming a ski instructor. Of course, you can be a ski instructor on home turf too, as many cities have dry outdoor runs or indoor snow sport centers. But there isn’t really anything better than the real thing, which is why you could be teaching everywhere from Courchevel in France to Livigno in Italy.

To become a ski instructor, you will need to obtain a Ski Instructor Course Qualification, where you will learn to ski in all manner of mountainous conditions.

Tour Guide

Now this role isn’t quite as fitness-focused as the other two suggestions. But if you are looking for a fun new job (or even a part-time hustle) that enables you to work with the general public as well as keeping active, being a walking tour guide could be the perfect job for you.

Walking tours are increasingly popular among tourists, so if you have a passion for local history and culture you might find that you excel at this kind of job. As far as the fitness side goes, you can be sure that there won’t be much sitting down in your job as a tour guide, as you could end up walking miles each day.

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