Simple Tips for Curling Women’s Hair

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Women are natural mind blowers. They tend to fascinate with their dressing, hair, make overs, and what have you. One area most women put in more effort is their hair.

In a way, a woman’s natural hair says a lot to say about her. Some differences could be spotted in color, texture, thickness, volume or even pattern. In whatever way and however you think one woman’s hair is different from the other, every woman’s hair is unique.

In the natural form, it is either your hair is straight, wavy, curly or kinky which is a unique feature to every hair. Interestingly, anyone can achieve any of these hair patterns with just a snap of the fingers. Different patterns for different occasions and you can be sure that you’d look just the way you desire – perfect! 

For various reasons, some of us tend to love curly hair. We love how it bounces on our shoulders and comes back to its original shape. As pleasant as the hair looks when it is curly and radiant in the day, some people are a little bit at a loss on how to keep curls in overnight and this can affect how they look the next day.

Now, there are factors that also affect the way your hair holds curls and we will discuss them in this article. Of course, we will give tips that will help in curling the hair.

Why Your Hair Doesn’t Hold Curls

Sometimes we don’t really know what is happening to our hair. We’ve tried all kinds of hair products, used various hair equipment, we’ve simply done our best.

Just take a pause. Let’s consider why. These are some reasons your hair doesn’t curl:

  1. The curling iron is too hot. No doubt, having a hot iron is good but, any degree above 400 is way too much. When you apply an overly hot curling iron to your hair, it causes the external layer of the hair to flatten; making it impossible to hold curls. Your hair texture also determines the degree of heat to apply.
  2. Your curling iron isn’t the right size. Most curls appear loose and don’t last long. They tend to disappear within a blink of an eye. This could be because you used an iron with a larger barrel. Try curling your hair with smaller sizes and check the outcome.
  3. Your hair didn’t get cool enough. Because your hair is an important factor in your appearance, it is worth every bit of your patience. Loose curls or no curls could be a result of not allowing your hair to cool off before letting them down. Try to give a 3 minutes break after using your curling iron before dropping your hair. You can use sprays on them while cooling to enable them last too.
  4. You’re curling the wrong way. Curling your hair from the bottom to the top, leaves you with super cool curls at the hair tip and very faint curls towards the scalp.
  5. No segmentation. You probably have not partitioned your hair in segments to enable you curl all through. Segmenting your hair allows you get every bit of it into curls not leaving anything out.

Using the right tools will also help you experience better curls. Here are the basic tools that you would need. 

  • Curling wand or iron
  • Hairbrush
  • Sprays
  • Hair clips for sectioning
  • Heat protectant for hair

Let’s check out these tips on how to get your hair into curls

Easy Tips for Curling Your Hair

Curling your hair does sound easy, but it isn’t really easy except you know the techniques. You might simply be better off asking for assistance if you find it a little uncomfortable doing it yourself. But if you are determined to learn how to curl your hair yourself, just follow the tips below and watch the magical transformation of your hair.

Select What Curling Iron Suits You

The kind of curls you desire would help you choose the right kind of iron to use. For loose curls you can consider using iron with bigger barrel while small-barreled iron would work for tighter curls.

Also consider using small-barreled curling iron for short hair. It’s best also to set the heat level of the iron properly to avoid either being too hot or too low. You can use 200 degrees or below for finer hair textures and 300-350 for a more coarse hair.

Use a Heat Protectant 

Apply heat protectants on your hair to enable it stay safe from heat damage. This can also help greatly in the curling process. You can also consider using a pre-curl mousse to help hold the curls in for a long time. If you need help on how to use heat protectants, you can check here:

Dry Hair Properly

Also ensure you properly blow dry your hair before curling. Having a damp hair would reduce the effect to the curls in the process. Make sure to dry your hair from root level.

Segment Your Hair

Use a comb to partition your hair into segments. This will enable you get all the hair into curls. Having your segments in smaller bits can cause your curls to come out tight but larger partitions will come out loose. You can try some examples to know which you’d prefer.

Curl from Top

One common mistake many make is curling from the bottom. Ensure to curl from top to bottom to get an even distribution of curls. Also position your iron properly for great results. Holding your iron straight down yields more volume for your hair.

Don’t Leave the Iron in for Long

Be calculative in the time you spend holding your hair in the iron. Don’t leave your iron in for too long. A maximum of 10 minutes is fine, though this also depends on the texture of your hair or kind of curl you want to achieve.

Be Dynamic

Try using different wrapping techniques to achieve different flows of curls. Ensure that when wrapping, don’t twill the iron round your hair but wrap your hair round the iron instead. You can see more on hair wrapping techniques in this video.

Release in Time

Don’t be in a haste to drop your hair after curling. Wait till it gets cool enough before you drop. If they don’t cool properly it could leave you with no curls after some time. Try using hair clips to pin your curls to your head if they aren’t cool yet.

Do Not Brush or Comb Your Curls

This is a total no! Don’t touch your curls with a comb or brush, you can endanger them. You curls will disappear in a wave of hand if you do this. Only run your hands through your curls so they can come out well.

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It’s a fantastic experience when you have people staring at your beautiful curls. Handle your curls well today and ensure to use all these tips and discover more hair advice in our beauty section.