Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Home

Posted September 18, 2021 by in Decor

Being a homeowner is a goal that many people wish to make in life, but with that comes the responsibilities of maintenance and upkeep of the property. However, by keeping up with all of the daily and weekly tasks that are due in and around the home, you can ensure that issues are dealt with before they become catastrophic, and everything is running smoothly and efficiently.

We tend to spend thousands of dollars on home renovations each year, but very little time is dedicated to maintenance work, which is where problems start to occur. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money for your home when it comes to maintenance – it’s all about being in the know about how to keep your home in tip-top shape.

Check out the tips below:

Clean Your Gutters

The gutters around the exterior of your property catch and transport rainfall from the roof and other slanted surfaces into drains. When they become filled with debris, leaves and dirt, they are no longer able to accomplish this job. As a result, gutters can become blocked, and your garden and patio areas could become flooded.

With this in mind, you should ensure that gutters are cleared of debris approximately twice per year – and most importantly, after leaves have fallen in fall, which is when blockages are most likely to occur.

Clear Snow 

Snowfall is more common in the eastern U.S., but all homeowners should be prepared for snow during the winter months regardless of the typical forecast. Snow and ice can cause extensive damage in gardens, by putting extreme weight onto bedding plants causing them to break and die and it may also get into gaps in concrete and later expands, causing damage.

Clearing the snow as soon as possible is therefore highly advisable. The most efficient method would be with the use of Troy-Bilt snow blowers as opposed to manual shoveling. 

Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries

When was the last time you checked that your smoke alarm was in working condition? Many homeowners fail to keep up with the maintenance of their home alarms, which can put their family in danger should a fire break out. Ensure that smoke alarms are placed in the central locations throughout the home and change the batteries regularly so that you have peace of mind that you would be alerted in the event of a fire.

Take Care of Windows

Windows are one of the main causes of damp within the home, so they should be checked on a routine basis for cracks or gaps which are allowing water to seep through. If this does occur, it can cause rotting to the frame and also mold on walls.

Damp is usually present when the glass pane starts to fog up or paint starts to peel. Filler may be required to fill cracks, but if the damage is too far gone, it may even be the case that you need brand-new windows. 

Are you good at keeping up with maintenance? Let us know in the comments below!

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