Simple Ways to Style Your Bed Like an Interior Design Pro

Posted August 31, 2021 by in Decor

Are you always coveting all of the beautifully designed bedrooms that pop-up on your Pinterest feed? Does your bedroom stress you out instead of offering peace and serenity? If so, you may just need a decor revamp.

Here are a few ways you can style your bed so your friends think an interior designer did it:

Good Bed Design

Regardless of the chosen interior style, the bedroom should be conducive to relaxation and tranquility. In it, a person can be alone with their thoughts as well as gain strength and energy to prepare for the day. That is why it is important to provide for all the nuances in the bedroom, one of which is the correct design of the bed.

If, for example, when arranging a kitchen, the practicality of the situation comes to the fore, and then design ideas, then both factors are equally important in the bedroom. People should be inspired and delighted by what they see, especially in the lounge. At the same time, the environment must be functional.

The bed is usually the focus of attention in the bedroom, and its appearance will definitely come to the fore. Therefore, it is important that the design of the bed in the bedroom is correctly selected and evokes positive emotions.

Textile Decoration

The use of textiles in the design of the bed is a popular trend. It creates home warmth and coziness, which is sometimes so lacking in everyday life. Textiles are used in many interior styles – from classic to modern trends.  After all, you can always choose the desired texture, color, type of fabric, and pattern. The Bedspread Shop suggests another plus of textiles is that it can be changed depending on the season of the year – in winter to give preference to knitting and denser fabrics, and in summer – light silk or fabrics with similar properties.

It will turn out to be a cozy and beautiful bed design if you use decorative pillows. At the same time, it is important that they are combined with the style of the interior. It is not necessary to make them the same color. You can combine pillows in different colors. With their help, they often make a bright accent in the room. Another fashion trend is light casualness on the bed with the help of textiles. For example, the bedspread can be slightly lowered to the floor, revealing an expensive bedding set.

In an interior in a rustic or romantic style, it is advisable to use light, light bedspreads with ruffles or with a crinkled effect. They are also suitable for the girl’s room. A patchwork bedspread will also effectively fit into a rustic style. Elegant shabby chic is complemented by ruffled bedspreads that create airiness in the room.

If you are designing a room with a bunk bed, you can use bedspreads of different colors: for a boy – blue, for a girl – pink. However, they must match in texture and pattern. Often in modern styles, smooth and laconic bedspreads are used. Such a solution is especially appropriate where an abundance of decor is not provided.

Basic Design Ideas

Ways of how exactly to transform a bed in a bedroom can be roughly divided into simple and complex. Simple ones do not require the use of special equipment (drills, paints, brushes, etc.), but are limited to a simple fixation on the headboard, for example. This is done by hanging a garland or decorating the bed with soft toys. But complex methods are multi-stage decorating processes.


Not every bed has a headboard. Especially if the sofa has become a bed (perhaps temporarily), and the side walls have been removed. Or the owners simply don’t like the factory headboard. Then you can do it yourself. A simple option is rack doors from the building market. They do not even need to be nailed to anything, it is enough just to put them against the wall and clamp them with the bed. The height of these doors can be adjusted by placing something under them and removing them. They can be painted, artificially aged, stained, etc.

Or there is another option: remove the shutters from the old village house, restore them and also make a new headboard. And if this is not just someone’s house, but a grandmother’s, for example, then such a decision will allow the owner to stay longer with a part of his childhood, which is already living a new life.


A well-worn wooden headboard may need to be repaired. And one of the options for such repairs is leather upholstery (artificial or natural). It seems that this should only be done in the workshop, but it is not. Observing the video instructions, making the correct cut, purchasing high-quality fasteners, the upholstery can be done independently. This is called a carriage coupler and looks very nice.


This seems to be the easiest way to decorate any bed: metal or wood. Even old and not very fashionable furniture is transformed by current textiles. Today, special emphasis is placed on natural fabrics, laconic natural colors. Linen and knitted bedspreads with ethnic ornaments, for example, are synchronized with the interior request of the time.

In addition to the bedspread, you can use covers and pillowcases for the top pillows. Moreover, there may be not one, but two bedspreads: the second will cover the bed surface by one-third. And if you update the bedside rug, then the bedroom space can seriously change. It’s a good idea to make textiles seasonal decor. For example, change the bedspread in autumn colors to winter or even New Year’s, then choose something blooming, symbolizing spring.

At the end of spring, you can purchase a bright, juicy fabric for summer. It helps to update the bedroom without renovation without fatigue in the same way.


Shelves above the bed are a common solution and not the worst. These can be both functional bookshelves (high enough so that you do not bump into them when getting up), and decorative ones, on which only a couple of cute knick-knacks can fit.

Do you love your bed, or are you ready for something new? Let us know in the comments below!

*Photos by Rachel Claire