Skills You’ll Gain Through An Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

Posted July 17, 2020 by in Career
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Cloud computing has brought about a great shift in how organizations run their daily activities. With considerations such as reduced costs, flexibility, and scalability, the cloud has become critical for them. One of the platforms that offer great options to businesses and professionals alike is the AWS Cloud from Amazon.

The focus of this article is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner badge that verifies your core competence in working with the named solution. Let’s start by covering a few basics of this credential so you can pass the exam: 

Important Certification Details

The AWS certification program carries several levels that include Foundational, Associate, and Professional. Amazon also offers specialty badges covering areas like big data, networking, security, and others.

AWS Cloud Practitioner is in the entry-level accreditation that targets the candidates who are just starting their journey in the cloud sphere. If you wish to pursue it, you have to ensure you have basic skills and knowledge that touch on the AWS Cloud architectural plan, can prove an experience equivalent to six months in the field, and pass CLF-C01 exam. The test takes 90 minutes and requires you to achieve a score of 700 points and more. And then, once you get certified, your credential will remain valid for three years.

Skills Outlined

If your desire is to gain the key cloud computing skills, then the AWS platform will offer you sufficient support. The competencies you’ll obtain through AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner will serve as a launchpad for starting a career in the cloud technology. 

The badge focuses on four skill areas, also called domains. Here is what you need to master:

  • Cloud concepts

In this domain, you’ll be learning about the cloud technology of the AWS, its value, and its economic aspects. You’ll also gain an insight into the various architectural design principles of the cloud.

  • Security and compliance

The credential also covers the fundamental aspects of security as well as compliance. This sector helps you define the shared responsibility mechanism and other related concepts. Candidates should also be skilled in identifying AWS access management capacity and the resources necessary for supporting security.

  • Technology

By pursuing the certification, you’ll obtain knowledge in AWS global infrastructure and deploying as well as running the AWS cloud-based platform. You’ll also manage to identify the key AWS services and the resources that are critical for technology support.

  • Billing and pricing

The last area will check your ability to compare as well as contrast different pricing models available for the AWS. This means you should be able to recognize various account modalities with a focus on AWS billing as well as pricing. Another thing concerns your skills in identifying available billing resources. 

To cover all these topics, you’ll need supportive learning and testing resources like classroom training and study guides. Also, don’t hesitate to use dumps as they are the best way to see what awaits you at the real assessment. These materials will show you probable exam questions as well as the testing environment hence improving both your knowledge and confidence.

Obtaining the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner badge is critical in gaining valuable fundamental cloud knowledge. Besides passing the exam, you’ll be using these skills to support your organization in utilizing the AWS cloud space.

Enroll in training courses, practice with dumps and other relevant resources to ensure you become conversant with the required objectives.

Start your journey to a great cloud career through this AWS certification!