Skip Starbucks and Save Big Bucks With This Homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

Posted October 2, 2019 by in Lifestyle

The warmth of summer has come and gone, making room for the cooler, crisp temperatures of fall. It’s an exciting time of year as we edge closer to the holidays.

Fall not only marks the beginning of the seasonal change, but also a change in wardrobe, the foods we eat, and what we drink – hello pumpkin spice everything! 

One of the first major indicators it’s that time of year is when Starbucks launches its festive-themed drinks. If you’d rather make your own seasonal drink than spend money every time you crave a hot drink, here’s a simple pumpkin spice latte recipe anyone can make. Starbucks who?

pumpkin spice latte recipe

Picture this: you’re on your way to class at the Los Angeles English School and spot a Starbucks on the corner. Do you head in and grab a latte because you enjoy the ritual or because you’re in legitimate need of coffee? 

Whatever your reasoning is, you can make your favorite flat white, cappuccino, latte, or frappe in the comfort of your own home!    

If you’re aiming to save a few extra bucks throughout the holidays (because it ain’t cheap!), here’s how to make a pumpkin spice latte for that mid-morning or afternoon treat.  

What You’ll Need: 

Bear in mind this recipe is simple to multiply if you’re looking to make a large batch when entertaining over the holidays. Here are the ingredients you’ll need: 

  • 1 x cup of milk 
  • 2 x tablespoons of pure pumpkin puree
  • 1-3 x tablespoon of sugar 
  • 1/4 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice, and a little extra for your topping
  • 1/4 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract 
  • 1/4  cup of warm, strong-brewed coffee of your choice 
  • Whipped cream for serving 


To start, combine the milk, pumpkin puree, sugar, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla extract in a medium-sized microwave-proof bowl. Make sure you cover the bowl with plastic wrap and poke a few small holes across the top. 

Microwave on medium-high for 1-2 minutes until the milk is hot, then whisk vigorously for about 30-seconds until the mixture is thick and foamy. 

Pour your 1/4 cup of coffee into your favorite reusable mug and fill up the rest of the cup with the frothy, creamy milk mixture. Top with a dollop of softly whipped cream and sprinkle with the remaining pumpkin pie spice. Voila! 

Bonus Tips 

The best milk for this homemade latte recipe is whole milk or 2%. If you tend to stay away from dairy, soy, almond, oat, or coconut milk will work fine. 

The recipe recommends 1-3 tablespoons of sugar, but this depends on how sweet you prefer your drinks. You can leave the sugar out for a guilt-free version! 

For the pumpkin spice blend, save time and buy yours from the grocery store. Or, you can craft your own with some pantry staples you probably already have. You’ll need: 

  • 1.5 x tablespoons of ground cinnamon 
  • 2 x tablespoons of ground ginger 
  • 1/2 x teaspoon of ground nutmeg 
  • 1 x pinch of ground cloves 

Add to a spice blender if you have one on hand, or simply add to a Ziploc bag and shake it all together. If you prefer a strong pumpkin flavor to your latte, you can up the ante with 1-2 extra tablespoons of puree to the milk mixture. 

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