Small in Size, Big on Style: Get Chic Roper Boots for Your Little One

Posted September 14, 2021 by in Fashion

Time to buy a new pair of shoes for your little one? Why not go for a pair of chic boots? Stylish, versatile but most importantly comfy, it’s clear why boots are among the ideal shoes for bubs and adults alike. Of course, I’m not talking about buying your little one winter boots with summer just around the corner, I’m talking about the most versatile piece of footwear on the planet, roper kids western boots. These boots are made for walking… and running both in the heat of summer and the dead of winter. 

And what’s a better place to find the perfect pair of roper kids boots than Roper? This brand has a long and illustrious history dating far back to 1948. Through the years Roper has become the leader in the Western fashion industry with an extensive line of products for men, women and children. It doesn’t matter if it’s trendy roper teen boots or cute itsy bitsy roper infant boots you’re after, this brand has got you covered. But since looks aren’t the only thing that matters when buying booties for growing feet, let’s see whether Roper ticks the other boxes such as comfort, durability and price.

Comfy Enough for All Day Wear 

As a parent, probably the first thing you want to know is whether Roper shoes are comfortable. Although in general, all roper boots are extremely comfy, this brand took the comfort level even further to accommodate the needs of tiny little feet. With generously padded cushioned insole, flexible rubber outsole and enough room for your bub’s wiggly toes, you can rest assured that Roper infant boots are just what your pre-walker needs to crawl the distance.

For toddlers who are just taking their first steps, Roper has also designed a range of flexible bottom boots with a wide square toe so little tots can step out in comfort and confidence. As for pre-teens and teens, youth roper boots come with a cushioned footbed, TPR sole and breathable textile lining which provide optimum support for all kinds of adventures.

Durable Enough for All Kinds of Adventures 

Speaking of adventures, Roper kids boots are also durable enough to handle all that crawling, running and jumping. Thanks to the premium leather, hard-wearing soles and quality stitching, these boots will last for a long time. Although your little cowboy or cowgirl will outgrow their boots after a season or two, these booties won’t lose a bit of their beauty and you can pass them down to a younger sibling or keep them for old time’s sake. 

Affordable Enough Not to Put a Strain on Your Wallet

Since bub’s feet will change enormously as they grow and you’ll probably need to visit the shoe store quite often. Kids feet can grow up to one size every six months, so it’s a good idea to opt for quality yet affordable boots such as Ropers. Roper kids western boots price range goes from as little as $40 for little tots booties to a reasonable $100 for the top of the line youth boots. If you want to get an even sweeter deal, keep an eye out for a seasonal Roper kids boot sale. 

Stylish Enough for Little Fashionistas to Wear Them Proudly

Just because they’re kids, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a taste in fashion.  If you want to ensure your little one will happily wear his or her boots without throwing tantrums, you better choose a stylish pair. Luckily, when it comes to Roper, you and your kiddo will be spoiled for choice. Pink, blue or green, Roper has a boot to suit even the most discerning fashionistas out there. You don’t have to take my word for it, scroll down below and see for yourself. 

The Most Popular Kids Roper Boots of 2021

First on the list is the adorable, yet authentic western Infant Cowbaby Cool boot in tan/navy, perfect for little cowboys. It comes with a flexible outsole, faux ostrich leather foot and western-style stitched shaft for maximum style and comfort. It also features a zip side to make them easy to get on and off. As for little cowgirls, this infant boot is also available in a lovely floral design. To make things extra fancy, Roper has included beautiful sequin details on the cute pink shaft. 

Next, for toddlers who are just starting to walk, the Roper Gator Boots will provide the novice walker with adequate support and comfort to tackle the distance. The Gator Boots will cradle little feet into Eva moulded cushion insole for superior comfort whereas the lightweight and flexible TPR outsole will help them conquer any type of terrain, be it the living room or the backyard. Got a little Ms or Mr independent at home? These booties also have boot pulls at each side so your little rascal can get them on without grown-ups help.

Then, there are the ultra-stylish yet extremely comfy children’s Bumps Boots. A classy western look with a touch of exotic, perfect for both junior cowboys and cowgirls. This model features a lightweight yet durable TPR outsole for maximum flexibility and grip so your kid can explore the great outdoors no matter the weather. What’s more, they have a padded cushioned insole and fabric lining for extra comfort. 

And if you’re dressing your kid for the winter, look no further than the childrens Barnyard boots. Although these bad boys don’t have a typical western design, they fit loose like traditional barn boots and come with a waterproof upper and moulded removable insole for maximum warmth and comfort. The neoprene shaft is decorated with super-cool camo print, perfect for brave adventurers. 

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Make sure to check out Roper’s full line of boots online to hunt down the perfect pair. With so many styles, colours and patterns to choose from, you can rest assured that the ideal pair is out there somewhere waiting to make those 10 little toes happy.