Smart Decor Hacks That Will Make Your Home Look Bigger

Posted November 15, 2019 by in Home
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If you want a home that looks lavish and large but isn’t going to cost you quite as much money to keep running, then these smart decor hacks will help you.

The hacks we’re going to outline below are amazing for making your home appear larger, when in actual fact it is the same size that it has always been. Let’s take a look and see what you could do:

Add Big Mirrors 

Big mirrors are one of the most amazing things you can add to your home decor. They are perfect for reflecting light around the room and making it appear larger. If you have a small bathroom, for example, you can place a large mirror on the wall, as large as you can go, and it can sometimes make it seem as if the bathroom has doubled in size! Don’t be afraid to virtually fill up walls with your mirror choices. 

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Use Light Neutral Colors On The Walls 

Light, neutral colors are also better for reflecting light. A room painted in an off white is going to look bigger than the same room painted in a darker color. It’s all about tricking the eye! This doesn’t mean you can’t have color and pattern in your home, it simply means you need to be smart with the walls and ceilings. 

Make sure you utilize all of the natural light you can get and find ways to let it in. John McCarter Construction’s Replacement Windows Guide can give you a good idea on whether you need to replace your windows and what to do if you decide to. New windows could be just the thing you need to open up your space and let in more natural light. 

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Dress Your Windows Differently

You could also dress your windows differently. Long, luxurious curtains are great for the winter and keeping heat in, but they won’t exactly make your home look any bigger. Sheer curtains are better for this, as are blinds! 

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Choose Floating Furnishings 

Floating furnishings can make it look like you have more floor space, even when you don’t. A floating vanity in the bathroom, for example, will give you a little more floor space and create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom.

On the subject of furnishings, you can also make your home look bigger by saving space with furnishings designed for storage. For example, bath tubs that open out with a storage unit, as well as sofas and beds. 

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Make The Most Of Your Vertical Space

Make sure you make the most of your vertical space by putting up shelves. They are great for showing off any collections, as well as book storage. 

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Try To Keep It Minimal 

See if you can tweak your design style so that it’s more minimal. How can you reduce clutter and tidy things up, while still making sure your decor oozes personality? There are all kinds of articles out there that can help you. 

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Do you have any decor hacks? Let us know in the comments below!