Soft to the Touch Once More: 8 Ways to Combat Dry Skin

Posted November 12, 2019 by in Beauty
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You always want to try and look your best and if your skin is healthy and radiant it can certainly help the way you feel about yourself as well as having a positive impact on your appearance.

There are a number of different ways to tackle the problem of dry skin and with products such as CBD topicals available online to try and help your quest for healthy skin and other options available such as home remedies, there should be a way to ensure your skin becomes soft to the touch again.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

Combat Dry Skin

Could CBD oil help?

Some CBD products are being marketed specifically as potential skincare solutions and there appears to be optimism surrounding its perceived ability to help with typical skin problems such as acne and the appearance of wrinkles.

CBD oil has antioxidant properties and it also boasts soothing properties that can help lessen the impact of breakouts and blotchy patches. You might want to try some CBD topicals to see if it can have a calming influence on your skin. 

Try coconut oil

If you are looking for something that might be able to hydrate your skin and maybe even give it the chance of appearing smoother you might want to consider coconut oil.

One of the main features of using coconut oil as a skin product is that it has emollient properties. This means that it has the capacity to fill in spaces in between your skin cells in order to create the appearance of smoother skin. Saturated fatty acids naturally occur in coconut oil and they help in your quest to achieve a smoother look to your skin.

You don’t need to mix coconut oil with any other ingredient and it is normally kind enough on your skin to permit regular use.

A remedy passed down between generations

Staying with home remedies, you may be aware of the suggestion to use oatmeal as a potential remedy if you are suffering from skin irritation. The one to look out for is colloidal oatmeal as it contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that combine to offer a way to soothe skin irritation.

If a family recipe for an oatmeal bath has been passed down in your family, it might not be as odd as it first sounds.

Feed your body to make healthy cells

Healthy eating is always a good discipline if you want to try and keep your body in good shape and there are some foods that have the capacity to improve your skin appearance.

Look for foods that are particularly rich in antioxidants as they offer a potential win-win combination of helping minimize damage from toxins while contributing to your body’s task of generating those much-needed healthy cells that will aid a healthy skin appearance.

A mask before bedtime is a great routine

Face masks have long been considered as an excellent ally in your attempt to keep your facial skin looking as youthful and healthy as possible but you could enhance that ability if you choose the right time of the day to apply one.

The suggestion is to apply a hydrogel mask as part of your routine before going to bed.

If you wear it just before retiring for the night it should help set your skin up for the work it does during the night, which is to naturally exfoliate and regenerate itself.

When you might need a barrier repair cream

If your skin condition reaches a certain point where it is peeling and suffers from flakiness that can have the effect of breaching and compromising your skin’s barrier.

Once your skin has been weakened and may even be cracking you are then exposed to the possibility of bacteria taking hold in between those cracks.

This would be a good time to consider using a barrier repair cream in order to replenish moisture loss and bring your skin condition back to where it should be.

Remember to exfoliate

The subject of exfoliation is a slightly tricky one in that it can be a cause or cure in certain circumstances. Gentle exfoliation is the key to helping keep your skin in good condition but excessive scrubbing could be damaging if you are too forceful with your efforts.

The route to healthy skin involves regular removal of dry and flaky dead skin cells. A good way to approach that task would be to use a suitable washcloth and exfoliate using gentle circular movements, as opposed to scrubbing up and down.

A good reason why using a gentle circular motion is the best strategy is not just because that motion is kinder to your skin but also due to the fact that it is a movement that is more efficient in removing any dead flakes from your skin.

Mix it up for good results

Finally, you might be contending with a two-fold problem with your skin at the same time, and if you are suffering from a bit of acne as well as dry skin that means you may well be using a combination of products to tackle the problem.

The obvious issue with that dual approach is that acne products can cause skin dryness and you could end up spending a long time applying one treatment, waiting for it to dry, before going on to the next.

Using topical retinoids should help you with your breakouts and mixing it up with a face lotion can allow you to shorten the time you take with your routine, as you are not having to wait for the serum to dry before setting to work with your face cream.

Mixing the two together to create one treatment that tackles acne and dry skin makes a lot of sense, as it saves time and should help reduce skin dryness.

Your skin takes a lot of daily abuse and that means you need to show it some love to keep it looking hydrated and healthy.

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