Solar Vs.Wind Power for Homes—Which is Better?

Posted February 24, 2022 by in Home

The installation cost of a residential wind turbine is a whopping $50,000 – $80,000 compared to up to $25,000 for solar panels. If cost were the only factor, wind power for homes would lose out to solar energy every time. 

However, there are many more elements to consider. If you’re thinking of going green and choosing alternative energy for your home, you need to know the best options. Keep reading to find out whether wind or solar power is better for your home.

Wind Power for Off-Grid Homes

Wind turbines work by harnessing kinetic energy created from atmospheric pressure — hot air rising and cool air settling. The kinetic energy, wind, causes the blade of the turbine to rotate. A generator then converts the energy created by the rotation into mechanical power which is used for daily power needs. 

Wind power is a fantastic source of alternative energy. One of the massive benefits is that, unlike solar, wind turbines can generate power 24/7 as they don’t require sunlight. Turbines produce more power than solar panels and are less polluting too. So, what’s the catch? 

First of all, only homeowners with big plots of land can consider powering their homes with wind power. The turbines are massive and cannot be erected anywhere. The sheer size of these turbines makes them vulnerable to lighting and bad weather and can harm inhabitants of the sky, such as bats and birds.

Wind power, therefore, makes sense for utility purposes or off-grid homes on large plots of land but isn’t realistic for urban areas. 

Solar Panels for Your Home

Solar power has become increasingly popular in residential homes across the globe. Home solar panels are easy to install on a roof or ground mount and don’t require a lot of space. While the upfront cost of installing solar panels can seem quite steep — $15,000 to $25,000 — but federal and state tax incentives and rebates certainly help mute the sting. 

Solar panels are almost free to maintain and produce no greenhouse gas emissions. The main drawback is the requirement of sunlight to convert energy, which may prove unpredictable throughout the year, especially in certain areas. 

Overall, solar panels for homeowners are the best alternative energy source as they can be utilized in almost any residential area and home, has no maintenance fees and subsides a good chunk of energy. Are you convinced? Check out a solar provider near you to join the solar movement. 

So, Solar vs Wind Power for Home Owners?

When it comes down to the question of solar or wind power for homes, there are a few key things to consider. While solar panels are more accessible for most homeowners and houses, wind power is the better energy source if you live on a large plot of land. If you’re in a rural area trying to go off-grid, wind power may be best for you. However, for everyone else solar panels are the way to go. 

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