Solutions for Those “Why Did I Buy This?” Moments

Posted June 8, 2015 by in Fashion

As much as I dish out advice on how to curate a well thought out closet, or offer tips on how to spend money on pieces you only really love and can use, I still make mistakes.

I find myself nipping into a store to buy flip flops or a new satchel, and something absolutely out-of-step catches my eye. It’s either a dress I know I can’t make work, shoes I know I won’t be able to walk in, or a pair of pants I just know I have nothing to match with. And yet I find myself marching to the cash register, giddy with my newest disaster.

It makes no sense, but we’re prone to mistakes once in a while. And while those mistakes sting (especially when you consider how many margaritas you could have bought with that money!) sometimes they’re salvageable. Read on and see what I mean!

Pattern mixing!

Ya see this top? This fun geometric top that’s perfect for some bold pattern mixing during spring? This was my most recent shopping mistake. And before you go “Mar, what are you talking about, it’s amazing!”, hold on and hear the whole shpeal. You see, this is actually a jacket.

I found it while looking for a reception dress last summer, and it was hanging all nonchalant-like next to a floral print dress. And the two looked amazing together. So amazing that I just about ran to the register then and there, forgetting why I was in the shop in the first place. The thing is though, I don’t have any floral dresses. So the jacket sat all sad-like in my closet for a year before I decided to do anything about it.

And what did I do? I decided to reinvent its purpose. If it didn’t work as a jacket, maybe it’d work as a blouse? So I stitched up the front and turned it into just that. The same can go for any of your other regrettable pieces. Don’t like how a dress lies on you? Turn it into a top. Feeling weird in a maxi dress? Turn it into a flirty mini. Thought you could pull off midi skirts, but can’t? Hem it up to the knee. We all make mistakes, but the nice thing is you can usually fix them 😉

Marlen Komar of Messages on a Napkin

Have you altered any of your meh pieces? What’d you do to it? Inspire us!

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