Spring Style Ideas for the Chillier Days

Posted April 10, 2015 by in Fashion

While it seems like white dresses and cherry red skirts are months and months away from me, I’m trying to hang in there and do my best with these confused days that are (what I assume) to be mislabeled as Spring. Sure I now get to only wear one coat instead of two, but it seems like I’m ages away from sitting with bare shoulders on brunch-spot patios, drinking pimms cups and flirting with the sun.

So while part of me wants to pack everything up in the middle of the night and move to a state that has its life together in terms of seasons, the other half of me is having a begrudgingly good time trying to figure out how to make two season’s worth of clothes make nice. And while some things will never ever work (don’t try to force a heavy sweater underneath a pinafore), I have found there’s one formula that’s quickly becoming a transitional favorite.

Oversized Knit + Maxi Dress = Perfect Spring Outfit!

That formula would be: Chunky sweater + summer maxi = high fives from women on the train. Seriously, do this and do this now. Take a maxi or midi summer dress (this one is from New Old Fashion Vintage), put a belt over it, take the chunkiest sweater you own, and then tuck the corner of said sweater into the hidden belt to break up the heavy proportions.

The outcome is a cozy but not-too-heavy spring look.

Marlen of Messages on a Napkin


What’s a formula you’ve been sticking to during this April weather? Whether you’re in the chillier climates like me, or if you’re already playing in sandals (ps we all hate you).

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