Squeaky Clean: The Ultimate Shower Routine

Posted January 4, 2021 by in Beauty

Everyone has adopted their own shower routine. Yet, regardless of your routine, it should never just be about shampooing your hair and washing your body. There is so much more involved when it comes to taking the perfect shower, and we’re going to reveal to you the top tricks and methods that’ll turn your ordinary shower into the right shower. 

Warm Up Your Towel Or Robe

Wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy robe or towel right after stepping out of the shower is one of the most pleasurable feelings ever to exist. You can achieve this by throwing your towel or robe into the dryer before showering. 

Music and Candles

Whenever you prepare the perfect bath, candles and relaxing music is always part of it. Yet, you can light some candles and play music as well while showering. It sets the mood and can create a spa-like setting. 

Moisturize Right After

Pampering yourself while showering will make every shower nearly perfect. But, you also want to step out with smooth and glowing skin and soft hair. 

When you step out of the shower and dry yourself, apply lotion while your skin is slightly damp. Due to the moisture on your skin, the lotion will be able to lock better, and it’ll help hydrate your skin even more.

Brush Your Hair Before Getting it Wet

This will make your job of detangling your hair after your shower a lot simpler. Start off by brushing the tips of your hair and work through the knots. Then, move your way to the top, and after your shower, repeat the process. 

Exfoliate But Don’t Overdo It

Exfoliating your skin has many great benefits, one of which includes helping remove any dead skin cells and rejuvenate your skin. However, exfoliating should only be done once or twice a week. If you exfoliate more than that, it can inflame your hair follicles, pores, and irritate your skin.

Practice Safe Cleaning

Nearly everyone owns a loofah, and we all love the feel of it thoroughly cleansing our skin. However, you should replace your loofah at least once a month and, if possible, more often than that. Because the loofahs are kept in a humid environment, they are more susceptible to growing bacteria, yeast, and mold, and they can transmit these harmful bacterias to your body. 

Watch Out For Water Temperature

Who doesn’t enjoy hot, boiling showers? As much as you may love them, though, they’re not great for your skin. They strip off natural skin oils are cells that are essential for healthy skin. 

Hot water also causes your skin to dry up and flake. So, aim for luke-warm water instead. 

Dry Your Hair the Right Way

Depending on the kind of hair you have, the type of hair towels you use contribute greatly to hair shine and frizz. Also, make sure that the way you’re drying your hair is the correct way. 

Enjoy Your Perfect Shower Routine

By implementing these tricks into your shower routine, you’ll be doing your hair and skin a favor, as well as enjoying the benefits of the perfect shower. 

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