Stay Safe on Vacation With These Helpful Driving Tips

Posted July 29, 2020 by in Lifestyle
women on a roadtrip

There’s nothing more exciting than the build-up to your family vacation. With so much to plan and organize, it’s difficult to know where to start! Activities and itineraries, how much money to take with you, whether you’re going to travel light and of course how you’re going to travel.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and concerns related to air travel, many people are choosing to travel by car to reach their holiday destination. Additionally, when you arrive via car it also means that you have the freedom and independence to get from A to B without relying on public transport or expensive taxis. You and your family can go at your own pace and enjoy a much more relaxed pace of holiday. 

Driving on unfamiliar roads usually means that your risk of a road accident is significantly increased so if you’re planning to drive when you’re on vacation this year why not refresh your mind with these helpful driving tips. 

Remember, if you find yourself caught up in an accident that wasn’t your fault, call a local lawyer as soon as possible:

helpful driving tips

Keep Your Car Well Maintained 

If you choose to take your own vehicle across the country, then it needs to be reliable and roadworthy. Keeping your car well maintained will ensure you and your family arrive at your destination in one piece and without getting stranded after a roadside breakdown.

Ensure your tires have properly inflated, and that your lights and electrics are in good working order. If you’re unsure where to start then ask a locally approved garage to inspect your vehicle before your travel.

Plan Your Route

Are you taking the scenic route? Or are you sticking to freeways and motorways to get there are quick as possible? Planning your route requires more effort than simply keying in the address into your GPS. You’ll need to plan stops, regular breaks and keep things like traffic, congestion and even tolls in mind.

The more you plan, the less likely you are to get stressed and make a dangerous mistake.

Keep Your Emergency Contacts Handy

Your roadside assistance provider, your personal injury lawyer, family contact details and of course the contact details of your accommodation (so you can tell them you’ll be delayed) should always be written down and accessible in case you need them and your smartphone battery fails. 

Drive Defensively

Driving defensively is a simple driving tip that will help reduce accidents and keep you and your family safe on unfamiliar roads. Driving defensively means anticipating the actions of other drivers, reducing your speed, giving the road your full attention and keeping your distance from other drivers.

Reduce Distractions 

Driving whilst distracted is one of the main causes of accidents on the roads. Worryingly, when you’re driving on unfamiliar roads it’s considered even more treacherous.

When driving, always keep distractions down to a minimum. Ask excited passengers to keep the noise down, keep your smartphone out of reach and try not to have your music too loud. You should also avoid eating behind the wheel.