Stay Stylish AND Dry on Rainy Days With Waterproof Sneakers from Loom Footwear

Posted January 22, 2021 by in Fashion

I’ve never been a fan of wet weather—rain, snow, sleet, slush…I despise it all. I know rain is good and all living things need it to survive, but being from the northeast, rain and overcast has always been my normal. Hence the big move to sunny Los Angeles early last year. No regrets! While there are beautiful sunny days on the East Coast, they are few and far between in my opinion.

The reason for my strong dislike of wet weather stems from the lifestyle I had on the East Coast. I lived in NYC, so regardless of the weather, I had to walk in it. Walking to your car to get to work in the rain is way more pleasant than having to walk at least 1/2 a mile to the train and then walking some more to finally reach the office—looking literally like something the cat dragged in.

For me personally, I find it difficult to be stylish and confident on wet days. If it’s a cold wet day, my feet are usually freezing and my hair drab and boring. If it’s a warm wet day, my feet are usually sweating in my rain boots and my hair is a frizzy mess. And let’s get real…walking any amount of distance in rain boots is usually blister central.

One point for rain, zero points for Amanda. Boo! Thankfully, we now all have Loom Footwear—100% waterproof sneakers. Now we can all be both stylish and confident; even on the wettest of days.

Model wearing waterproof sneakers by Loom Footwear.

The Loom Footwear waterproof sneakers are not only perfect for rainy days in the city, but for hikes as well. Even though Los Angeles is known for sunny weather year-round, there are a lot of beautiful hikes that require you to walk through water—like the Bridge to Nowhere hike (I highly recommend it). They are also extremely comfortable, perfect for walking long distances—rain or shine. Oh how I wish I had them when I lived in New York City.

Model and blogger Amanda Raye Scozzafava in waterproof sneakers by Loom Footwear

The waterproof sneakers from Loom Footwear will look extremely stylish in all of your athleisure wear. I liked pairing mine with leggings, a sweatshirt, a jean jacket, a beanie, and hoop earrings. I felt stylish and comfortable, and if it was wet out, I still would have felt stylish and comfortable. These sneakers would also be perfect for travel as they are way more compact than rain boots.

But let’s go through the pros and cons…

Broke & Chic blogger wearing waterproof sneakers by Loom Footwear.
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Review—Waterproof Sneakers from Loom Footwear

Loom Footwear currently offers their waterproof sneakers to both men and women in two colors—black and white. I went with the black pair because I can’t be trusted with white anything…

First Impression

When I first opened the box, I expected them to have a waterproof texture on both the outside and inside, but they didn’t. They feel like sneakers, which is what I wanted.


They are true to size. I wear a size 7 in sneakers in most brands, and these were no different.


These sneakers are very comfortable and they didn’t have a break-in period like most sneakers. The first time I wore them was for a long afternoon stroll in DTLA, and even after three miles, my feet felt fine.

Can You Run in Them?

As a runner, I don’t think these sneakers fit the bill to be used as a running sneaker as they don’t offer enough support for high impact. However, that does not mean they can’t be used for more intense activity. I think these sneakers are great for:

Are They Actually Waterproof?

Yup! I stepped in a puddle and my feet didn’t get wet in any way. I also found the grip on the bottoms to be good too.


The black pair goes with all of my athleisure wear, but I think the white pair would look super stylish paired with a dress or skirt. I’m a big fan of the sneaker-dress look when the sneakers are white. The white pair also isn’t a pure white—it’s more of an ivory cream color.

Below you can see another way I styled these sneakers:

Review of waterproof sneakers from Loom Footwear
Woman wearing waterproof sneakers from Loom footwear.

Should You Buy a Pair?

100%, yes. If you live in a place that regularly has rain or you travel often, these are perfect. I especially think these sneakers are great for city dwellers—NYC, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco…these waterproof sneakers are a must-have.


The only con is the price—but isn’t that the con for everything? 😂 These are more of an investment as they are $250. Loom Footwear does have great sales throughout the year, though. They are currently on sale for $100 to ring in the New Year!

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Model and blogger Amanda Raye in waterproof sneakers from Loom Footwear.

 Do you already have a pair of waterproof sneakers from Loom Footwear? If so, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Loom Footwear provided their product for review, but as always, opinions are all my own.


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