Staying Healthy in College: 5 Easy Ways to Avoid the Freshman Fifteen

Posted December 13, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
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The legend of the freshman fifteen is real, give or take a couple of pounds. An average college student gains 5% of their body weight in their first semester at school. You’re no longer eating balanced meals at your childhood home, and there are so many social opportunities, so it’s very easy to do. 

If you are going away to college soon, it’s important to know how you can avoid gaining this weight. Here are a few easy ways you can prevent the infamous freshmen fifteen:

freshman 15

  1. Join a Club

College is one of the best places to meet new people with common interests and goals. There are many clubs that you can join to help keep you healthy. Sports clubs are always looking for extra players, you can likely find a spot in a sport you already play.

If you don’t want to play soccer or hockey, you can always join an outdoor activity group like indoor bouldering or a salsa class. 

  1. Eat Breakfast 

One of the most important things to do when staying healthy in college is to eat breakfast.  Research has shown that eating a balanced breakfast can help your body wake up and have energy throughout the day.

People who regularly eat breakfast also tend to have a lower calorie count when compared to those that skipped on a morning meal.

  1. Take Vitamins

Being on your own in college means that you get to pick out what you eat every day. As exciting as this may be, it’s often the reason freshmen gain weight. Campus cafeterias are filled with a variety of foods, but if you aren’t getting the right ones, you might be low on some essential nutrients. 

Adding vitamin supplements such as B-12, pramiracetam, and vitamin C into your routine can help you concentrate. Strengthening your focus will help improve your grades and keep the snacks away.

  1. Cut Back on Alcohol

College is your first chance to exercise your adult freedom and drink alcohol, but it’s easy to go overboard.

Many people underestimate the effects that alcohol has on the body until they are 10 pounds heavier. Flavored liquors and beer are full of sugars and carbs that contribute to the freshman fifteen. 

  1. Walk to Classes

Walking around campus is a great way to keep off the freshman fifteen, especially if you are also carrying books.

Most college campuses are set up to walk around in. Buildings are often close together, making it easy to get around even in bad weather. Instead of taking a shuttle or car to class, why not enjoy the fresh air and take a walk?

You can burn calories during your walk and continue burning them throughout the day. Don’t forget to check the weather and bring an umbrella if rain is in the forecast! 

To make sure you’re getting enough movement in each day, consider purchasing a Fitbit (or other fitness tracker).

Avoiding the Freshman Fifteen

If you weren’t sure whether staying healthy in college was even possible, following these tips could make all the difference. 

Constantly studying at the library and cramming for tests can leave you little time to go to the gym. Instead of wasting money on an unused gym membership, you can walk to your classes or join a club to help keep fit. Don’t forget to eat a balanced breakfast and take vitamins to help keep your body healthy.

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