Steps to Take Before Pursuing a Career Change

Posted November 26, 2021 by in Career

Changing your career can be a significant risk. You know that you will be out of a job for a while. If not, your new job might not pay you the exact amount that your previous job did. Despite that, you must pursue your plans if they will make you happy. Here are the steps to consider before finalising your plans:

Identify What You Want

You can’t decide to change careers because you’re unhappy with what you do now. You must have a new career in mind. Your plans should head in that direction. It doesn’t matter how challenging it is to get there as long as you know where you’re going. Reflect on your choices before pursuing changes. Think about your hobbies, interests, and passion. Your new career could revolve around them. 

Check Your Finances

The biggest worry you have about this decision is you might be financially unstable. It’s understandable if you decide against career changes for this reason. Start by determining how much you have in your savings and how long it takes before you use them up. Then, create a timeline that lets you get a new job before your savings run out. You might also need money to improve yourself in the new career you wish to pursue or get further education to have a high-paying job. 

Consult with Your Family

While you decide based on what makes you happy, you have other responsibilities to consider. Talk to your family members first and ask about how they feel regarding your decision. They might go against your plans. For instance, if you’re still pursuing home improvement projects like bathroom remodelling, it’s not practical to change careers. You still have tons of expenses to pay for, including new walk in shower enclosures. You also don’t want to settle for anything less because you don’t have enough money. Think about the recurring bills your need to pay. If you’re not yet capable of paying for them without a stable job, postpone your plans. 

Expand Your Network

You need to know the people in the industry. Your current world will change, and the key players will also change. Make sure you know whom to meet with and how you can establish yourself in the new industry. Follow social media pages and join local events. You may also receive job suggestions through networking. 

Prepare Your Resume 

You’re starting over again. You have to submit job applications. You also have to compete with new applicants. Prepare your resume and make sure you stand out. Prepare yourself too. It’s a gruelling process. You will be against other experienced candidates. Some industries also prefer younger people over experience. If you’re not ready for the process, change your mind. You might lose hope and get discouraged. 

Hopefully, you will make the right choice and pursue a career that will make you happy. You may also consult with your friends and ask them for advice. They will be honest with you about your decision.

*Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich